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Nov 6, 2012 11:53 AM

Sat lunch ideas - Burnaby area

We're coming over from Victoria to stock up at Gourmet Warehouse, Bosa Foods & JN&Z deli. Any suggestions for a yummy lunch in this general area for this Saturday? I'm open to any flavours and price point, but I'd like to avoid lines and slow service due to time constraints. What are people's fave spots these days?

Also, if I'm missing any other amazing food shops in my above list, let me know! We don't have the same selection on the Island.

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  1. Petit Saigon on Hastings near Kaslo St is a nice place for Pho & other Vietnamese food -- quick, cheap and cheerful, and has good service. It's more or less on your way from Bosa to Gourmet Warehouse.

    Are you going to hit Granville Island market too? I think Oyama has some of the best sausages, anywhere. The selection is constantly changing.

    I know you said you don't have the same selection on the Island, but I think Fol Epi bakery in Victoria is pretty fantastic. I would love to pop over there more often and stock up, if only BC Ferries weren't constantly raising their prices.

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      Mmmm, Pho is a great idea!

      I don't know whether we'll head downtown, but if we have time I'll keep Oyama in mind. I'd love to check it out, along with some of the other spots in the market. Thanks for the reminder to go there. And I agree with Fol Epi, it's amazing. We do actually have a much broader selection here than we used to, and some people are really doing some incredible things, so I'm not complaining. There are just still some things we don't have access to. I wish I could bring you a baguette to tide you over!

      1. re: Dubby Jo

        Granville Island isn't downtown, and is only about a 10 minute drive from the deli you're planning to visit on Commercial Drive (take 1st across to Quebec, go south to w 2nd and make a right - scoot across the bottom of False Creek and you're there -- no nasty downtown traffic to contend with!)

    2. Try Chez Meme Baguette Bistro in N. Burnaby:

      Or Take Sushi also in the same area: