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Nov 6, 2012 11:32 AM

Spaghetti Bolognese

Hello to everyone, new to Chowhound, was turned on to it by a Fake Name friend.

I love Bolognese. My family was raised on Vince's Spaghetti in Ontario, which to many that weren't raised on it probably wouldn't understand my affinity for the place. Since moving to SD 15 years ago I really haven't been able to find what I would call a good Bolognese. Any suggestions? I've done the Bice thing, which is great, but pricey, of course and we love the prosciutto/olive/cheese bar. When it comes down to it my favorite place is Pasta Espresso in PB. Love it. Venetian is okay in my book as far as Bolognese goes, love their Pizza though. Not a real big fan of Fillipi's either, although will have to admit I haven't tried the one in little Italy.


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  1. Bolognese is a speciality of Chef Jeff Jackson at the ARValentien. Not always on the menu, phone ahead. Really amazing. My husband's Last Meal request if he's ever Executed.

    1. haven't found anything credible, I miss old school sauces so, I usually break open some wine and make a large pot to eat and freeze.

      1. If you want a version that's pretty good and at a place that won't break the bank (<$16), then The Godfather in Clairemont usually hits the spot. Nothing fancy, but consistently good.

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          Since it's right down the street I will be sure to stop in and give it a try.

        2. Can't recall if it's on the menu or not, but they do it at Piatti- pretty solid.

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            For sure one of our all time favorites, just haven't done the Bolognese here yet.

          2. Developed a torrid romance with the dish somewhat later in life. Used all my powers and all my skills (see Godfather I) one time, and spent a full day making it at home, and it was crap. So I now have a special respect for the dish and welcome the suggestions in this thread.