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Nov 6, 2012 10:15 AM

Thyme - Roslyn

I didn't search through the threads to see if there were any other reviews of this restaurant, but I would like you to support this restaurant for another reason, even if the food isn't perfect, although it is quite good. All through the recent Superstorm Sandy they have been sending out the greatest e-mails, and have been so wonderful. They opened for lunch as well as dinner, invited people to come to charge their electronics, allowed women to use hair dryers, etc., and had a special childrens menu. Some of us in the area are still without power, and they are continuing to invite us in, and are having their Long Island Restaurant Week menu this week, and also are having free meals for children under 10.

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  1. We eat here all the time and always enjoy the food. We were just there for LI rest week and everything we had was fantastic - especially the duck! Good for them for helping out during this tough time for so many on the island.

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