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Nov 6, 2012 09:44 AM

Lunch AYCE Sushi in Downtown Toronto (That INCLUDE Sashimi)

Hey folks,

I was wondering if anyone had any insight on the best place to find lunch AYCE Sashimi in the downtown core (preferably near Queen and Spadina).

There are plethora of sushi establishments, but it seems like none (except for Bikkuri @ College / Bathurst) offer sashimi on their lunch menu. [By the way, Bikkuri is limited to 3 pieces of each type of sashimi per guest.. which is fair given the cheap price.]

I'm comfortable with paying a small (+3.00 or so) premium. Spring Rolls includes sashimi on their $19.99 premium menu, but it's limited and at that price I'd rather just get a dinner menu somewhere else.


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  1. Check Aji Sai on Queen Street. They have AYCE at dinner.

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      They have AYCE for lunch too but may not include sashimi as I think the price is $10.

      A few more choices up at Dundas and University but I don't know if they have sashimi for lunch, e.g. one just east of University, one at Chestnut, and one west of University at St, Patrick.