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Nov 6, 2012 09:38 AM

Smoking... What else should I try

I have been using my smoker a lot since I set it up, and I have generally really like the results. I have the baby pellet fed Traeger, and since I like in So. Cal, I don't really have a lot of weather issues that will keep me from using it year round.

I have one wrinkle where I underwent some medical issues last year, and that has left me with a reduced ability to produce saliva, so drier proteins like chicken breast and most cooked fish become a chore to eat at best. I also do not eat pork.

So far, I have done chicken thighs, brisket, lamb chops, beef ribs, and steaks. I didn't care for how the steaks came out, and the rest were great. The fat on the chicken breasts and the lamb chops really helped keep the meat moist. The brisket was excellent, but at 8-9 hours of smoking, it is not something I would do that often.

So what else should I try? I will do a tri-tip, I just have not gotten around to it yet. I am wondering if it will be more steak like or brisket like when it is done though, and I need to look into the time required. Two to four hours is fine, six to eight is less ideal. I have also smoked salmon for the family, but it does not really work for me. I have some limited access to game, so I can do some of that, but I don't know if it is really worth it, especially if it is leaner than beef. I need the fat to help keep the internal moisture going.

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