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Nov 6, 2012 09:24 AM

German beer bar?

I must admit I do not drink. I have someone coming in from NYC who is hankering visit a German beer bar. I guess cause he's German. Not sure how that differs from any other bar. Is there any recommendation? We're going to the Alibi Room on Saturday. The German bar would have to be on a Sunday. Now this guy likes his cigars and Brooklyn beers. So a quality beer pond is ideal. Since I don't drink I would like some good food.

There are some good craft beer bars popping up all over Vancouver that I've been told. Can someone tell me what they are?

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  1. The closest thing you're going to get to a "German Beer Bar' would be the Alpen Club on Victoria and 33rd but it's not really what (I think) you're looking for....

    1. While not a 'german bar', Alibi room certainly has a great beer selection.
      You might want to try biercraft. Cascade or Portland Craft have some good selections also

      1. Too late for this trip, but there's a currywurst place opening up in Chinatown early next year. (I think their tagline is "Chinatown's best currywurst.") I'm told they'll carry some German beers too.

        1. Also too late for this post but chambar st augustines on commercial were all great beer bar choices