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Nov 6, 2012 09:16 AM


Rumour is they will be opening in TO next year.

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    edit: the only thing I saw related to this news (so far):

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      1. re: KhaoSanRoad

        HOPES ARE STILL HIGH!!! And given the popularity in NYC... awww yisss...

      1. If this is true... my wallet is in trouble!

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        1. re: Nevy

          My condo is in trouble (Home Equity loan) not to mention my waistline.

          But then we can say "HA!" to all those macaron-wannabes everywhere.

          1. re: Teep

            There are a lot of bad macarons in the city and Laduree would be awesome but I will admit that I've had some really great macarons in Toronto as well. I don't think all the bakeries in Toronto are wanna bes :)

            1. re: Nevy

              Just like there's room for all sorts of burgers and all sorts of pizzas in TO, there's room for all sorts of macarons.

              I'll still like Ruelo's rose lychee macaron, even when Laduree macarons are available in TO.

              Might be harder for some inferior pastry shops to continue selling their inferior macarons for $2+ once Laduree opens up.

              I've only tried Nadege macarons that were served at a recent fundraiser in October, which tasted like a raspberry chili chocolate, but I could be wrong about the flavour. They didn't impress me much.

              What I can't figure out is why an artificial-tasting, artificially coloured macaron can cost $2-$3, when you can buy a decent pasteis de nata for a buck.

        2. I had the macarons from Laduree in NYC a couple months ago. They are shipped from Paris, not made in NYC. I asked if they were "Frozen", and the girl responded that they were "hibernated". Ha!

          Anyway - honestly, for my money, I'll take Nadege on Queen for the money. Hers are just plain better.

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          1. re: justxpete

            All the product in all Ladurée stores globally are shipped from Paris as far as I know. This is only a sampling of two stores, mind you. But freezing benefits them, according to Keller:

            "After a stint in the cold, their flavor will be at their peak." Freezing also makes them "chewier and more fun to eat."
            quoted from:

              1. re: justxpete

                LOL, we're on opposite end then! That's how I found Nadege's macarons.

                1. re: jlunar

                  Have you been lately? She's been getting better and better as she gets used to North American ingredients. She's a 4th gen pastry chef, ya know.. :)

                  1. re: justxpete

                    Had her macarons in the summer, there is just too much filling which overwhelmed the almond cookie part.

                    1. re: justxpete

                      I know she's got a shiny pedigree, which is why I was so hopeful when she first opened up. I'd been over the summer and felt her macarons were still on meh-to-okay level. Unless you mean even more recently? I'm just sorta not encouraged after two years. They're not bad, but I've never eaten one and thought to myself "YES."

                      1. re: jlunar

                        I feel like I'm mostly in your boat but I agree with what justxpete is saying with regards to her getting better. Her Macarons aren't melting in my hand before I can get to the door like they did when I first went. That said I feel like I am more in the Ruelo/La Bomboche camp as far as Macarons go in Toronto.

                        Would be cool to have Laduree here. I don't love them but I don't hate them either. They have bubble gum flavored ones right now. I can swallow them without worrying about them taking 7 years to digest.

                        1. re: jlunar

                          I tried a Nadege macaron at a fundraiser in October. It was pretty. Found the taste to be sub-meh. I don't think I finished it. I wouldn't pay for her macarons. If I was given a box, I'd be tempted to regift to justxpete.

                          1. re: prima

                            I don't think macarons at a fund-raiser would likely be the same at the ones found at the store. Go to the store and have one of the salted caramel macaron - then tell me if you still feel the same (please!).

                            1. re: justxpete

                              Are you saying that you think Nadge would purposely make sub-par macarons just because they were going to be used at a fund-raiser? If someone did that on purpose I would never buy anything from them ever again.

                              1. re: pourboi

                                Not even close. I'm saying that having a pastry that's been transported, just like take-out food, is typically not as good as having them fresh from the bakery. There are very few types of food/dishes that carry well. Macaron, due to their delicate nature, are not one of them.

                              2. re: justxpete

                                Strangely, I also had a Nadege macaron at a 'ticketed event' (a special flavour) and it was much better than the ones I've had from the store. But then, I wasn't impressed with the salted caramel from the store either!

                                1. re: estufarian

                                  Very odd, as we're usually in agreement about most food-related issues. Perhaps you should pay them another visit?

                  2. re: justxpete

                    I'm with the dissenters to your experoence.
                    The Laduree I had in London (UK) were excellent. I assume thry were hibernated too.
                    I haven't tried Nadege recently - they were simple and too sweet - have preferred Ruelo in general.
                    But it appears from the comments that they have maybe changed their style (I'm hoping that's what "improved" means). So maybe try again.

                    1. re: estufarian

                      similar opinion from me on Laduree, and also Ruelo over Nadege (though also i had given up retrying them similar to jlunar). those who like Ruelo - is Butter Avenue comparable? i have yet to try those but did remember hearing/reading goog things back when they opened

                      1. re: auberginegal

                        I tried Butter Avenue - found them OK but not spectacular.
                        They seemed 'stale' to me (but I prefer my macarons a day old - they develop a slight chewiness, that adds texture) - but these were more chewy than most - at the time I suspected I was buying 'old stock' - and I speculated that the batches they made were too large for 'daily' (or even 'two-days') sales. BUT that's speculation only - the evidence was the excessive chewiness.
                        Flavours were also OK - but not outstanding (I did prefer them to Nadege!).

                        1. re: estufarian

                          I haven't tried Butter Avenue for macarons.
                          When I visited, Butter Avenue's employee put on white gloves before reaching for the pastry I wanted, rather than using tongs or some waxed paper that I've come to expect in the ordinary pastry shops I frequent. He proceeded to drop the pastry, damaging it, which meant he needed to select another one. Despite the white glove service, apparently he had butterfingers!

                        2. re: auberginegal

                          My current preference in town is Ruleo > La Bamboche (it's been a while though) > Butter Avenue > everything else.

                          Butter avenue's were acceptable to consider buying again if I were in the area, just not making a detour for.

                          1. re: auberginegal

                            thanks for the feedback on butter avenue. i'm not terribly fond of la bamboche (just ok for me). if/when i ever get to butter ave, i'll report back :)

                            1. re: auberginegal

                              Actually I find La Bamboche the 'most improved'. Didn't initially like them - but recently much better - just 'less exciting' than Ruelo.

                              1. re: estufarian

                                haven't had macarons in a while at la bamboche so that would be nice if they are improved. though likely i won't go out of my way to try them. while their croissants last year were really spectacular for a little while, it didn't last and i'm not sure why (didn't make effort to inquire i guess). now i have no reason to visit for croissants, and reading comments on that other croissant thread seems consistent with my findings, sadly.

                          2. re: estufarian

                            The ones in NYC were boring - that's about all I can say. It was a huge let down - I was terribly excited. They are much better in Paris - but, FTR, my favs are Pierre Herme. The SO and I went on a best-macaron-finding mission last time we were in Paris.

                            We're due for another visit soon.

                            1. re: justxpete

                              Yes, this exactly. Pierre Herme's are far superior, and the best I've ever tried. If they came to Toronto I would be thrilled. Laduree's are just okay.

                          3. re: justxpete

                            Actually, macarons taste their best when they do undergo a brief period of hibernation (fridge not freezer) and are then allowed to sit at room temperature for about half an hour before serving. The filling retains a bit of coolness which makes macarons so delectable. It's a bit like the icing sugar effect that you get from those triangular chocolates with the bear on the container if you know what I mean.,.

                          4. My heart just skipped a beat. Alas, just a rumour...