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Nov 6, 2012 08:09 AM

So, after Hurricane refrigerator?

Just returned to town, and my refrigerator was presumably off during the power outage, around four days. Luckily, I had no meat in my freezer. But could frozen vegetables, thawed and re-frozen, still be used?

A friend said that she'd kept her refrigerator closed except for one lightning-quick opening a day, and it stayed cold.

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  1. Not really worth taking a chance.


    1. i'd leave nothing to chance and toss it all. That's me. I'd rather lose the money and have peace of mind.
      Always sad to have to clear out the whole fridge, so sorry for the losses ;-(

      1. I'd say that if it's vegatables, and they don't smell bad, but have thawed, and you have access to any means of cooking (gas grill?), then cook them now and feed them to the neighbors and helpers. That's what we did during Ike. However, we didn't leave completely, so we just worked our way through things as they thawed, in order of most perishable and had neighborhood meals. It may be too late for that in your case. Like the others, we are sorry for your troubles! In Houston, we feel your pain, and you're in our thoughts and prayers!

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          That's right, poison the people there to help you!!



          1. re: Davwud

            HA HA HA, I was thinking the same!

            When in doubt, THROW IT OUT! Defrosted and refrozen food does NOT sound like a good idea.

            I tossed a few bags of vegetables in our recent power outage. After throwing out a LARGE QUANTITY of food last year in our freak October storm, I now buy as I need things for the most part. It was much less painful throwing out just a few things this round.

            1. re: kattyeyes

              Your circumstances may have been a little more forgiving than ours, and posssibly those of Fida. If the roads are blocked, and the grocery store is empty anyway, and there's no power (15 days in my case), you start figuring out what can still be eaten, and nobody is too picky.

        2. I'd investigate further before tossing them. Thaw a few - what is the smell and texture? It sounds as though your power was back on when you got home and the items have refrozen. I'd maybe try to use them up sooner rather than later. Casserole type preparations where they get fully cooked should mitigated texture issues.

          1. Our power was out for 7 days. By day 4, I tossed everything from both freezers. Except...I was not willing to give up on the pesto that I had been making in batches all summer! It was frozen in small Foodsaver bags. I moved them to a cooler with blocks of ice that I still had and then I was able to transport it to a friend's house who had power. It's back in my freezer now and who knows, when I pull out a batch in a few weeks, it might taste awful and then I will chuck it....but I had to try to save it!

            All else can be replaced. On Day 4, the frozen vegetables, french fries and various other items were definitely defrosted. The thought of eating them after being re-frozen is unappealing and just not worth it.

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            1. re: valerie

              Funny, the one thing I couldn't toss when my freezer started failing were the frozen boysenberries. Everything else got tossed including some expensive beef shanks from a boutique butcher. I really wanted the berries to be OK, but did dump them eventually after they froze and defrosted several times.