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Nov 6, 2012 07:47 AM

Restaurants open during Hurricane Sandy

There were a lot of restaurants trying to do the right thing during the Hurricane and subsequent blackout and I think they should be thanked and rewarded with my business. I'll start the list with Eolo on 7th Avenue btw 21st and 22nd. They were open with a limited menu, cooking on gas and serving by candlelight throughout the dark days. Shout out to Whole foods for giving away produce rather than throwing it out and New London Pharmacy filling prescriptions by flashlight. What restaurants pitched in in your neighborhood?

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    1. Really nice about the pharmacy. I remember, at the last black out, a market handing out free ice cream on the street.

      I just got back from out of town last night and noticed the empty diners nearby (is it my imagination, or are streets still emptier than usual?) So I suggested to a friend that we go out for coffee instead of talking on the phone.

      1. None in Tribeca, we were flooded and every place was shut down. We had mandatory evacuation. Even Chinatown was without a light on, a sight I've never seen.

        1. I don't mean to be argumentative, but when the OP posts that "there were a lot of restaurants trying to do the right thing," I wonder if it's fair to assume selfless intentions by these restauranteurs. Don't get me wrong: as I posted in a different thread, I had a wonderful experience at Spina in the East Village in the aftermath of Sandy, and I absolutely will patronize them again based on my experience, but I'm not sure they opened because they were "trying to do the right thing," as opposed to just trying to run their business under difficult circumstances. I will patronize Spina because we had a wonderful experience, not because I feel the need to reward them for having been open.

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            I go along with Blumie on that restaurants stayed open "to do the right thing" , any place that may have stayed open and didn't give away free food, most likely stayed open to cash in on being only show in town, no credit cards cash only and use up the food instead of letting it go bad. Then even after they sell the food, they will put in with FEMA for food spoiled and loss of business. Oh well,, call me a skeptic