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Puffy tacos smothered with queso

Back in my younger days in Houston (I'm 69) I loved puffy tacos smothered with cheese queso.

Anywhere in Travis or Williamson County to curb my craving? Thanks

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  1. Tacos with filling, or more like chili con queso?

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      Filling is fine at this point in my life. In old days it was just a big round puffy taco in shape of baloon and they ladeled cheese queso all over it. Then I'd smash it up and eat it with a fork. Yum.

      1. I remember it being called a queso puff. it's just a corn tortilla fried till it puffs into a big, crispy balloon shape, then covered in queso. No taco filling or anything. I haven't seen one in a really long time, but I'd order it if I ever saw it on a menu.

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          Maudie's has this on one of their lunch plates. I'm sure you could just get a plate with a couple of those and rice and beans. Yummmm.

        2. Could Tio Dan Puffy Tacos in Round Rock be what you have in mind? It wasn't what i'd expected. Their puffy tacos are not made with corn tortillas.

          1. Doesn't Matt's El Rancho still serve those? I seem to remember them from Felix's Mexican Restaurant in Houston long ago.

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              Besides the queso (puff) Felix's also had fried tacos. It was a hard shell taco filled with beef and cheese and then fried.So good. Does anyone know where these are offered?

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                Jack in the Box. Seriously, they are deep fried, and 2 for 99 cents. umm.
                They start out as a soft shell taco.

            2. i have not been to El Patio in almost 20 years, but this sounds like the kind of thing they would serve

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                Yeah, they definitely have it. THat's one of the things that I like there, in addition to the guacamole. They fry the corn tortillas in house.

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                  I've had their queso that's served over a thick, homemade tortilla. But it's still a flat tortilla, so it's sort of a cousin of the puffed kind (unless I'm totally missing something on the menu). It would definitely do in a pinch, though. Might be close enough to please the OP.

                  Back when they only served crackers with the hot sauce, I'd order extra "chips," which were those whole, fried tortillas. Now I'm craving them, I'll have to get by there soon.

              2. Puffy taco is the wrong term for what you're describing. A puffy taco here is a cornmeal tortilla deep fried and then stuffed like a regular taco; they're a San Antonio specialty.

                Queso puff is what you're after and honestly I've never seen it here. I still see them at the old-fashioned Tex-Mex restaurants in my hometown north of Houston, so I'd suspect some of the same style places might have them here like Baby A's or Tres Amigos.

                1. I grew up eating puffy quesos at Los Tios in Houston. I love the memory of them. So fun to demolish into shards, such smooth cheesy deliciousness (with strips of onion and peppers), so much grease.

                  I'm unaware of any restaurant serving them here, did you try the ones suggested, and if so how did they compare to the ones you remember in Houston?

                  See the photo of a Los Tios puffy queso attached (Mom gets a free one on Mother's Day!)

                  1. Ashforth, thank you so much for your post. I'm from Alief SW Houston) and now I remember that Los Tios is probably where I was introduced to puffy taco. Tks for photo. That is it!!!!

                    No, I haven't tried any of the suggestions, but I did find website for Henry's Puffy Tacos in San Antonio. It is taco shape that is puffed not our Los Tios dome. I'm trying to get to San Antonio in the next 2-3 months and want to try it. I'll let you know.

                    FYI, I ate at Los Tios alot. Nice teenage memories!

                    1. This sounds like the queso puff at the Morelia Mexican grill.

                      1. Rio Grande in Round Rock has them

                        1. My first restaurant was Felix's in Houston. Went every summer through my adulthood. Loved those puffy queso things

                          1. Los Tios!! Houston 1970's.....best puffy taco thing ever. Have never had another one like that.......never ever...... :-(