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Nov 6, 2012 06:57 AM

restaurants near Tribeca Y on Hudson Street

Any suggestions for good restaurants within walking distance of the Tribeca Y? Thanks.

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  1. 508 Gastropub - 508 Greenwich St.

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    1. What kind of food do you want? Is this for lunch or dinner? Any price range? this is way too general. there are about 50 restaurants I can think of that are good. Depends on your requirements.

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        Dinner, moderate pricing, any food as long as it is thought of as good. Latin would be ideal, but not required. Thanks.

        1. re: remcook

          Starting with Latin:
          Super Linda ( W. Broadway) South American tapas and larger plates, very happening place
          Sazon ( Reade St.) as far as I recall they had a Puerto Rican chef. the food is good, weekends usually a big party atmosphere.
          Estancia-( was Sosa Borella about a block from the Y on Greenwich)) it's kind of latin, mediterranean, Italian
          Flor de Sol- ( Greenwich St.) spanish Tapas, sometimes live music
          Churrascaria Tribeca ( was called Plata Forma) nice place for Brazilian riodizio
          MaryAnn's ( Greenwich St.) Ok Mexican Food
          NON LATIN
          Cercle Rouge-( W Broadway) french bistro ,,great foie gras
          Greenwich Grill-(Greenwich St.) Italianish, Frenchish, Japanesish ,, it's awesome.
          Kori- (Church St) reasonable modern Korean food,, nice place
          Tribeca Grill- ( Greenwich St.) about 6 blocks from Y,, good food, seafood, meat pasta
          Wolfgang- (greenwich St) maybe 3 blocks from Y,,, very good steakhouse
          Locanda Verde-- I am no fan of the place,,but someone will recommend it so i may as well list it.
          up the block is Cinque, Roc and Gigino all of which I prefer to Locanda Verde.
          Lotus Blue-- Yunnan Food ( Reade St.) 10 blocks maybe.
          Landmarc- W. Broadway,, reasonable , some good dishes,good wine prices
          Le Petit Abeille,,, (w. broadway)good mussells and frites
          Tiny ( W. Broadway) ,,I've had some good meals here
          Takahachi- Duane St. more reasonable priced sushi than its neighbors of Ichimuram Nobu, Gari
          Turks and Frogs- Greenwich St. about 3 blocks from Y,,, Turkish Food and nice place.
          I hope these suggestions are helpful

            1. re: remcook

              Flor de Sol was horrible the last time I was there.
              Maryann's is the same kind of cheap tex-mex food found at lousy take out joints.

              1. re: Alicebean

                Flor de Sol is old school tapas. Usually the shrimp in green sauce is good, the croquettes are good and the chicken villaroy is good. Its not a Casa Mono. But it's the only tapas place in Tribeca and sorry you had a bad meal there. MaryAnn's on the other hand, was horrible when they first opened here. The food is much better now. Their EV restaurant is packed all the time too. It's not great but serves the purpose and certainly as good as the popular Dos Caminos.