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Nov 6, 2012 02:46 AM

Gilak - Archway, London

An interesting north Iranian restaurant in north London. Adjacent to Upper Holloway and Archway stations.

Food is very much rooted in the traditions of the Gilan province where the owners are from although there are other dishes on the menu.

We ate:
Smoked fish with beans and nuts: lovely fish, beans and nuts were a bit curious and didn't really marry up but we tried them all together.
Boorani-e-Aubergine: Aubergine, garlic and yoghurt this was a lovely dip and the flatbreads that came with it were excellent as well.
Lamb skewers were decent but didn't stand out particularly compared to other middle eastern versions.
Khoresht Anarbij: Lamb meatballs with sour pomegranate sauce, onions and herbs. It's hard to express quite how fantastic this jet black dish was. The lamb meatballs melted in the mouth and the sauce was wonderfully rich and sour, one of the best middle eastern dishes I've eaten. Worth the trip in the wind and rain for this alone, mopped up with flatbread.

Highly recommended for interesting value food.

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  1. oooh this looks like a must-check-out-very-soon place.

    1. Someone did a Chowdown here previously. I've been meaning to get there. Possible repeat chowdown in December?

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      1. re: JFores

        It did ring a bell but a search didn't bring anything up. It's a great location for a chowdown as very convenient from all over London.

        Would be very interested and also to hear both your opinions on it.

          1. re: limster

            I agree with you Limster on the quality of the rice.

            And you ate the odd fish/beans/nuts/flatbread combo? Nothing wrong with it I just found it a bit strange as the house special starter.

            1. re: ManInTransit

              Yep - klyeoh more or less summarised the impression of our table.

            2. re: limster

              That's the one. I had this post's tab open for months, but I was broke, I closed it and I forgot about it.

            3. re: JFores

              I have only been here once and had some delicious Khoresht Fesenjan, ie chicken with walnuts & pomegranate sauce. I'd be up for a repeat chowdown in December - maybe a Tues or Weds or Fri evening?