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Nov 6, 2012 01:34 AM

Vienna - New Year's Eve recommendations

My wife and I will be in Vienna to celebrate St. Sylvester's night again this year but this time we would like to take a break from wandering the streets of the Innerstadt and have a nice dinner. I'm certain reservations will be required and perhaps we're too late for reservations at some places, but I will try my best.

I'm looking for something in the Innerstadt to complement our walking, Am Hof, Freyung, Judenplatz area or something within the "closed off" area. Cuisine is open to absolutely anything that is Chow worthy, and I'm not looking to break the bank with the Anna Sacher special dinner options, but I'm not afraid to spend money for an outstanding food experience.

I believe I asked a similar question last year but focused on street food available, unfortunately I can't find that thread to update it with this question.

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  1. Here is an offical overview about events, including indoor parties and balls:

    Regarding great chowhoundish restaurants during this night I am of little help, we always avoid the Sivesterpfad...

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      Sturmi, no restaurants in the areas I mentioned that you'd recommend whether or not it's NYE/Sivesterpfad? Zum Schwarzen Kameel, perhaps?

      Thanks for the link to the events.

      1. re: vanderb

        I will try to think about a few chowhoundish places. Gice me a few days, currently we are vacationing in Italy.

        1. re: Sturmi

          Here I am back and hope you can use this:

          1. Hotel am Stephansplatz has several interesting offers (or so it seems, check by calling them !):
          Either a 7 course menu for 189,- Euro, or just a reserved table and a bottle of champagne for 120,- Euro in their bar, where you might also order a la carte high-end snacks, such as foie gras or smoked salmon etc. (Please note that the german website has a different offer than the english-language one, which is from 2010, better call them in time for the exact offer):

          2. Hollmann Salon: Located in a quiet and hidden barocque courtyard (Heiligenkreuzerhof) they usually close up at 10 p.m. in order not to disturb the tenants, but they did offer NYE dinner right up to midnight last year for a quite low 99,- Euro.
          Their food is great, the place is small and not centrally located, so they might try to please you.
          Last years menu:

          3. Wiener Salon: a queer experience !!
          This living room sized restaurant is operated by a male couple and has a great reputaion for excellent food, although I do not know whether they offer any menu on NYE:

          4. Meinl am Graben is back !
          After losing all ratings they found a new chef, Metin Yurtseven, and Gault Millau as well as Falstaff found a remarkable recovery. OTOH Fabios reopening has put them in the shade, and the interior dearly needs some renovation, so the former crowd is nowhere to be seen. Thus it might be possble to get a window table where you might have a spectacular view over the Graben, and I am sure their menu will be more affordable than Anna Sacher.

          Falstaff: 85/100 points, last year only 83/100
          Gault Millau 2013: 15/20 points and two toques, last year only 13/20

          1. re: Sturmi

            Sturmi, hope the trip to Italy was good and thanks for the Silvesterpfad suggestions. I'll get started looking for reservations this evening.

              1. re: Sturmi

                Thanks Sturmi, in the end we booked Glacis Beisel as their Sylvesterspfad menu was at a good price and interesting.

                1. re: vanderb

                  Glacisbeisl is a good choice, it has a great location and will provide a kind of "tranquil island" in the storm of the Silvesterpfad !!

                  ( BTW: we will stay at home).