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Nov 6, 2012 12:13 AM

A foodie dinner with a 3 and a 96 year old?

My sister and I are taking my grandmother out for her birthday. With my sister's son, we need both a kid-friendly place as well as one that can accommodate my grandmother, who is incredibly youthful at 96, though has a walker, needs easy access, etc. However, we all love to eat - my grandmother especially likes steak and lamb chops - so we would love to find a neighborhood restaurant that would welcome our diverse party. Looking for a restaurant in the Cote-St.-Luc, Hampstead, Westmount, or Notre Dame de Grace neighborhood. I'm an out-of-towner, so any advice would be most appreciated!

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  1. No answers, hey? I think perhaps there are not a lot of experts on those neighbourhoods here. You could try Steak Frites Saint-Paul in Old Montreal, as that was just mentioned on another thread and steak is definitely on the menu. I am sure your diverse party will be welcome anywhere you go.

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      Right? I didn't expect a lot of responses considering my request was for a random neighborhood and diverse party. Steak Frites looks great...thanks for the rec! I'll let you know where we end up

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        Steak Frites got panned by the last person who went there and I've never been, so maybe catroast's idea is better. If you don't mind driving around a bit, I've had success taking older relatives to La Colombe, which is also byow. And three year olds might be happy at an early seating.

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          My meal at Steak Frites in Kirkland was delcious. Yes it is generic but the service will be good and the steak is very good. I have had the onion soup there and I really enjoyed it. The menu has various price points, and a good menu. My 86 year old Dad loved it there when we went out for lunch together, he was not looking for the ultimate dinner experience, just a good meal with good service.

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          I'm the person Plateaumaman is referring to, and I honestly felt like Steak Frites was disrespectfully bad, especially for the price. If I had to pick a family friendly steak house, I would probably go with something like The Keg (yes, also a chain), though I don't think that fits your requirements in terms of location.

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            +1 for The Keg for that age demographic. Always well-trained servers, consistent food, and a decent steak.

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              The Keg is a great selection for a family event.

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                I had both good meals and so-so meals at Steak-Frites, but agree that the Keg is a better choice, food is constant, good steaks, good service

                1. re: westaust

                  At one point there was much love here for the Keg, in particular for the baseball steak. I personally found it bland with a tough texture. I have tried other itemsat the Keg and was never impressed. Their appetizers are especially bad e.g., the deep fried ribs BLEGH. I do however think that their salads are better than anything else on the menu.

          2. Although hotly criticize here, Vago in Westmount is an excellent choice based on your parameters. there are some steps but these could be navigated, i'm sure.

            There is also Lezvos on Decarie which would also be a wise choice and maybe a bit cheaper.

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              Thanks for the advice! We may check out Lezvos since I'm worried about steps for my grandmother. Will let you know where we end up...

              1. re: catroast

                I really do not like Vago, I find it very average considering the prices. I've had way better food for much cheaper, and the service there was extremely pushy.

                IMO, Taverne on the Square would be a better bet. It's in Westmount Square and has a pretty diverse menu. The service has also been great every time I've gone.


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