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Costco - 8qt oval Le Creuset, erg, I mean "Kirkland Signature" French Oven - $79

Was in my local Costco yesterday and noticed this. I know it's an unbelievable deal, considering it is probably a Le Creuset sold through Costco's brand. I doubt Kirkland Signature set up a factory in France to build these. The pot said "made in France", it had the # on the bottom like all LC's have, but I can't remember what it was though.

My only problem is, I have a generic 4 burner ceramic stove with 2 small and 2 larger burners. I am positive it won't fit on the larger burner, but I've done countless research on here and on other sites that leads me to believe it still should heat evenly. This is of course assuming I let it preheat long and slow enough on the large burner it'll be fine. Does anybody have personal experience with such a dilemma?

Also, is 8qt overkill? I mean, for $79 who cares, right? It's still cheaper than 95% of the others that have been highly recommended. For that fact, I went to Walmart also to buy the coveted Tremontina and found they only carry a 6qt round now, and it was $60. So for $20 extra, I can get a LC and be 2qt's larger. Am I on the right track?

Sorry for the questions, I'm new to dutch oven's and have always cooked in my slow cooker with uneven results. I also want something much more versatile that can handle stocks, soups, sauces, etc.


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  1. I was in Costco and saw that bad boy today. Boy, was it heavy! I briefly thought about buying it and thought, maybe on my next trip. Now I'm thinking I should go back tomorrow. As you stated, it's an exceptional buy if it's a LC.

    1. sounds like you found a good bargain. I have a large oval LC oven that I only use when making a braise which won't fit into the round oven I have. I prefer to use the round oven which fits just right on the largest burner of my glass-top stove. It is true that the oval oven heats pretty well, but the heat needed for searing to brown meat is pretty much confined to the area directly over the burner - the parts of the bottom that overhang the burner don't get as hot (and not hot enough) as the part over the burner. This is a function of the shape of the oven relative to the burner shape, not the stove top.

      The oval oven gets used rarely, but I appreciate having it when it is needed. I definitely could live without it, but it happens to be the first ECI vessel I bought. Had the large round been the first instead, I doubt I would have bought the large oval.

      1. Hi, dropnbassonu:

        I handled this pan at Costco last week. To me, the casting did not look particularly like LC, but close enough. One plus is that it comes with a metal knob on the lid.

        Ovals are very useful shapes, but when in cast iron and too large for a hob, they can be a pain in terms of evenness. IMO, you're never really going to get anything resembling even heat with this pan on the stovetop.

        Also, 8Q is somewhat large. How many do you cook for regularly? Costco tends to super-size things, e.g, the excellent Luigi Bormioli wine stems it only offers in the huge 20-oz Bordeau--still a great deal at 6 for $24.


        1. I can't comment on what you saw at Costco, but the Tramontina Dutch Ovens are still available at Walmart online. Right now they have a 5.5 quart with a trivet for $40, and a 6.5 qt for $50. Both are round. Plus they have a Better Homes and Gardens 6 qt for $40, which may or may not be the same as the Tramontina (for some reason it comes up when you search for Tramontina).

          1. <Also, is 8qt overkill? I mean, for $79 who cares, right?>

            8 quarts is a bit large for most people. Of course, it really depends on your cooking. Actually, the problem is not just the price. A overly large Dutch Oven does not cook small patch of food well, and it is also heavier to carry around and to clean.

            For most people, 4-6 quarts are the optimal size. The price is very good.

            <I am positive it won't fit on the larger burner, but I've done countless research on here and on other sites that leads me to believe it still should heat evenly>

            It probably won't fit. About even heating, that is a a relative term. You are unlike to get even heating compare to a aluminum based Dutch Oven.



            On the other hand, how much of "even heating" do you really need anyway. For most applications on Dutch Oven, you may not need a whole lot. It again depends what you cook.

            < I also want something much more versatile that can handle stocks, soups, sauces, etc.>

            Aside from delicate sauces, a iron based Dutch Oven should be more than enough to handle these. For delicate sauces, you won't want to use a French or Dutch Oven anyway.

            1. Thanks for the info. I am just cooking for my a family of 3 right now, but I am looking down the road as to what might be the best investment. I can def see how smaller portions might not fare too well in such a large oven, so maybe I should reevaluate my plans. I was just in HomeGoods and Marshalls earlier today and they both had the 5.5qt LC round oven for $160. I also just called a LC Outlet that's an hour away and with the sale they have going on, a 2nd quality would be $156 for the same oven.

              Arghhhhh, choices choices. Maybe I'll just get both the 8qt oval and the 5.5qt round :)

              1. It's great deal. You just have to decide if the size works for you. For the record I'm still using a Lodge 6 qt which has been going strong for about 5 yrs now and I use it often.

                1. The one I'm seeing on the Costco Web site looks more like a Staub than LC. Not that that's a bad thing!

                  1. I was at home goods 2days ago: they had all sorts of staub, cuisinart, and LC for ridiculously good prices! Also, "looking down the road" as you say... I wouldn't get too big of a dutch oven: you won't be able to lift it! I use a 5.5 and a 6 qt. dutch often and am pleased with both sizes (one is a vintage LC over 50 years old, the other a pretty red cuisinart). I'd rather have 2 this size than one giant!
                    PS - i got the 5.5 qt cuisinart from amazon for $60! Great deal!

                    1. I totally lucked out and saw a one of a kind REAL Le Crueset at Costco in St. Louis. $120. Sells for $299 normally.
                      Snapped it right up. I do wish it was more like a 6 qt but for that price, I went for it.
                      Made some Pork Chile Verde last weekend for the maiden voyage.
                      It was great.

                      1. I just found it marked down to $59 at a local Costco. That sucker is huge. BUT for that price, given its the last of the stock available, I nabbed it right up. I mean really...a French made DO for $59?? That's unheard of...and with Costco's satisfaction membership style guarantee backing it up, I decided to buy it and see what happens. Yeah, it's 8 qts and yeah a 6 qt round may be more versatile many dishes or for searing/ browning the meat to start a recipe, but for this price I'll wrestle the darn thing a bit and see what happens. I still can't believe it...$59 for a French Oven. That's crazy!

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                          Hi, Thompsonaccount:

                          From what I've heard, $59 is more in line with what LC goes for in France. But definitely an excellent buy here. Congrats.


                        2. I'd probably give it a try if I didn't already have the round and the oval of Le Creuset about that size.