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Nov 5, 2012 09:25 PM

Pls critique this Seattle 'hound's dining choices

Doing a 2-night visit with the boyfriend. He's not a hound, so I'm seeking outstanding mainstream/casual dining.

Lodging: Hotel Monaco
Transportation: Will have car but want to take advantage of light rail as much as possible

Coco Donuts

Heavy breakfast/brunch:
Bijou Cafe
Screen Door

Kenny & Zukes (Are they known for any of their other deli sandwiches?)

Pizza dinner:
Lovely's Fifty-Fifty
Oven & Shaker

Ice cream:
Cool Moon Creamery

Brew pub dinner (specifically seeking excellent burger, fish n chips, hand cut fries):
Pints Urban Taphouse

Tap house with large IPA selection (if I only had to choose one, which is best?):
Belmont Station
Green Dragon
Horse Brass Pub
Bailey's Taproom

Thanks, and I always do detailed trip reports afterwards!

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  1. Solid list for mainstream.
    Don't understand your Kenny & Zuke question.
    A must for coffee/pastries: Ristretto. If you can't make it, go somewhere else that carries Bakeshop pastries.

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    1. re: Leonardo

      Regarding the Kenny & Zuke question - I meant to type "Are they known for any deli sandwiches besides pastrami/Rubens?"

    2. Any feedback from other Portland hounds? Thank you!

      1. You are missing Salt and Straw for ice cream, altho Cool Moon is great, too, I love Apex...loud music, sitting outside( altho now might be a bit chilly, and you have Beermongers across the street. They always have a good selection of IPA's. I haven't been to Baileys, Belmont Station has a great selection of beer. If you are adventureous, there is a new shop out on Foster called N.W.IPA, all they have is IPA's, but I haven't been yet. I say Screen Door over Bijou, if you are willing to brave the line and Dechutes has a nice food selection. You might also want to check out's a fun pub with rotating beer selections and great pasty's and pickles. If you want really good fish and chips, you need to go to the Frying Scotsman cart....delicious!!!
        I haven't heard of Pint's Urban Taphouse, I will have to check it out!

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        1. re: cheeseisheaven

          Great feedback. Just the details I'm looking for. Thank you!

          1. re: cheeseisheaven

            NWIPA is great if you are in the 'hood, but not a destination. Only a handful of taps, lots of bottles, a great meatball sub and oysters and a Chop charcuterie plate and Salt & Straw ice cream for a food menu.

            I hate the vibe/space at Bailey's, much prefer places like Belmont Station, Roscoe's, Hawthorne Hop House, Green Dragon, etc. I hear you about Apex but it is an impressive tap list, Beer Mongers has some taps but a huge bottle selection and a good vibe. Best combo of food/beer IMO is Hawthorne Hop House and Roscoe's. The other places you go mostly for the beer.

            I prefer Cool Moon to Salt & Straw, personally, and Cool Moon's hot fudge is the best, ever.

            Screen Door is way better than is Country Cat. I'd drive over to Country Cat over eating at Bijou any day. Podnah's (a BBQ joint) does brunch on the weekend that I think is pretty darn good...not a tourist spot at all.

            I've had good pizza at Oven & Shaker and Lovely's Fifty/Fifty but my fave in town is Apizza Scholls. Also love Dove Vivi for a different take (crisp thick cornmeal crust - not quite deep dish but in that style) on pizza.

            I have never heard of Pints, so if you go report back! Deschutes has better food than Hopworks for sure.

            If you love sour beers, you should make a stop at Cascade's very close (1-2 blocks) from Green Dragon.

            1. re: JillO

              Excellent feedback. Thanks for commenting on the atmosphere of some of these places. That can be just as important as the food and beer selection.

          2. Re: Pints, I think you mean Spints, which is a good place in NE, near Burnside. Pints in OldTown is a place to grab a beer or cup of coffee, only if you happen to be walking by. Not worth a detour by any means!