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Nov 5, 2012 07:33 PM

One Dinner in Brooklyn

I'm looking for one great dinner in Brooklyn at the end of December. I'm coming from Vermont for a wedding and the cuisines I miss especially are Italian, Mediterranean, Seafood, Thai, Vietnamese, Sushi and Chinese.
I'm not looking to spend EMP or Per Se prices but I'm open to all suggestions.

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  1. Since nobody answered you, I'll give it a try. This place gets great reviews on this board all the time:

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    1. re: Sluggo1407

      Frankies is good - Osteria Convivium is also very good in the Mediterranean range - iberian-italian. The do some good fish/seafood in addition to other items (not a pasta place, really)

      1. re: jen kalb

        Italian - i really like Noodle Pudding (the name suggests otherwise, but it is quite genuine). they always have great one-off specials, including pastas meat and fish dishes.

        Seafood - Extra Fancy. I was really impressed by my experience there

        Chinese - here's a solid list of Sichuan restaurants, some of which are in Brooklyn:

      2. re: Sluggo1407

        I would put Frankie's in the solidly OK category. If someone suggests it, I won't say no, but I wouldn't go out of my way to eat there either. Al Di La is much more special to me, for Italian.

        1. re: Peter Cuce

          I second or third Al di La, they have dishes you won't see elsewhere, all prepared excellently.
          I agree with the "solidly ok" for Frankies. That is actually the perfect description,and more accurate than the hype that calls it "amazing". Rucola is another "solidly ok" spot, with very cordial and great service. If it is "old School" italian with that kind of atmosphere, then I'd suggest Bamonte's. Brooklyn is a big place, so you can also go to Don Peppe's in Queens, which is almost as close as going from Coney Island to Williamsburg, Ozone Park is 15 minutes from Brooklyn.( East New York, Bklyn)

      3. Locanda Vini et Olii is outstanding.

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        1. I had a memorably good meal at Al Di La on a cold December evening last year. About a 10 minute walk from a few MTA stations in a pleasant residental area, if that's a factor....

          1. Tanoreen in Bay Ridge. Best Med food anywhere. Turn down your volume before using the link!

            1. Actually, we've been to Al Di La, Osteria Convivium, Noodle Pudding and Locanda Vini et Olio and really enjoyed our dinners at all of them. We were just looking for somewhere newer...anything in Williamsburgh or Cobble Hill.

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              1. re: nancyl126

                La Vara is a fairly new Spanish/Moorish/Ladino restaurant that has been well received. We just ate there this week and found the food very tasty. Not in your preferred cuisine list, but Saul, a Michelin One Star new American in Cobble Hill/Boerum Hill is probably worth considering as well.

                1. re: nancyl126

                  Betto, Samurai Mama or Allswell in Williamsburg; Roberta's in Bushwick if you want to venture that way.