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Amsterdam Burger Co.

The new burger place run by Mike's is open. I got their classic burger tonight and it was great. Homemade thousand island dressing and a perfectly cooked juicy burger. It also had a fresh bun that was much nicer than your basic hamburger bun. Another diner called the burger the best kosher burger he's ever had. I also heard great things about the wings and eggplant rings(rather than onion rings) from other diners. Burger prices ranged from $12 to $16. I believe fries and other sides ranged from 4 to 8, but I can't remember exactly.

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  1. Where is this place, and who is Mike? Mike's Bistro?

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      It's in the former location of Mike's Pizza, at 654 Amsterdam Avenue (near 92nd St.). It's indeed the same Mike as Mike's Bistro.

      1. Anyone know the hashgacha here?

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        1. Fantastic burger with caramelized onion + mushrooms + veal bacon. Juicy burgers like these warrant copious amounts of paper napkins, not the white cloth item. The place could have an acceptable noise level without the loud Led Zeppelin(?)-type background music, is that really neccessary? The chicken nugget pieces were flavorful but over-fried on my husband's sandwich.
          Looking forward to more visits there.

          1. The place was mobbed tonight (Sunday)! They had to turn many away and close the kitchen temporarily. Burger is good (for $12) but not great. It is inly offered one way - medium well. if you like it medium or rare, youre outa luck. yes, the bun is nice, but sweet for my taste.
            The nachos are overpriced at $16. I guess I just had very high expectations...

            1. It was mobbed last evening, and fun. Packed, with people waiting on the sidewalk. this will not be normal. Yesterday was a lovely, warm evening and the restaurant is new.

              We arrived early, just after 5, and they cooked the burgers to order. These were very good, juicy burgers and I thought the cloth napkins a wonderful remediation.

              Sampled one lamb and one beef. both wonderful.

              The bacon had a wonderful, smoky flavor with a sweet, almost maple note. What it did not have is the astonishing crunch that Moshe at Pardes coaxes out of lamb belly.

              The crowd was young and lively, with an admixture of families and older couples. Really nice addition to the Manhattan scene.

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                Hard to keep prices down with lamb belly bacon.....but ooooooooooooooh, I salivate at the mere thought of it. The store said that they'd plan on outdoor seating come spring, but I can't remember the last time I saw a line out the front door of a place. Best of luck to these guys, I can't wait to check it out. For anyone else heading there, post some pix please:)

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                  The only other time I can remember lines out the door at a kosher restaurant was when Mike's Italian Kitchen (aka Mike's Pizza) opened :)

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                  Adina, don't get me wrong, we will definitely be back. But - here's the back story. Years ago, maybe 2005, I went to Mike's on a Saturday night. There was a limited menu which included a burger. A burger is not on the regular dinner menu. Anyway, I had it and could never get it out of mind as the best burger I ever had. I went to Amsterdam expecting that burger...and set myself up for disappointment. The bun was different, size was different and burger was too well done for my taste. For what it's worth, the waitresses were lively and accommodating, and my husband enjoyed.

                3. Finally went! I had the classic burger and fries, and was quite happy. The fries were crispy and well seasoned, without being greasy. The hamburger was flavorful, with a very fresh bun. The decor has greatly improved. Our waitress was very sweet, and someone who appeared to be an owner or manager (not Mike himself though), came over to inquire about our meal. I will be back, without a doubt, unless they do as most restos do and drastically raise the price after a few months. I would feel comfortable bringing my non-Jewish friends here. They wouldn't be super impressed, but more than content, and might not even realize it was kosher. Props to Mike for not including any "appeasement" sushi/falafel/schnitzel/etc. on the menu. However, I would love to see a few more appetizers on the menu, and maybe an option for small or large with the side of fries (3 of us were able to share the fries, too many for one person).

                  1. Better food (especially the burgers and toppings) and better prices at Gotham Burger in Teaneck.

                    1. Checked it out last night. Still very crowded. I was most impressed that the service was speedy and I was served with a smile. The burger itself was competent. It is reasonably juicy, though I would prefer a slightly thicker burger. I also would have liked to have been able to specify doneness. The "bacon" is a nice addition. Adina is correct that the bacon is not crispy but it is definitely tasty. I would prefer some upgraded greens and a pickled element. My one complaint was with the bun which was massive and out of proportion to the burger. It is basically a large, seeded challah roll. I saw several customers leaving the bun unfinished. Wings were decent - I like mine spicier but that is not a criticism - and they come with a nice dip. All in all, a positive addition.

                      1. While the food was good. They were not at all accommodating to children. There is no children's menu which basically leaves nuggets as the only option. Do not ask for anything different for your child. They make it clear that they do not accommodate and are not even flexible enough to grill a piece of chicken. We were told that if they catered to children, they would be able to afford their rent. We won't be going back due to the attitude. Talya's down the block is child friendly for something that simple.

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                          Your child can only eat from a children's menu? The rest of the menu is burgers and hot dogs, which is most of the children's menu at any other restaurant.

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                            I felt that the physical space was too tight for me to bring my kid. Basically, agreed, it is not child friendly.

                            1. re: LittleWave

                              Agreed. But that wasn't Shagege's complaint, the menu was.

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                                I have. 15 month old... I was ok with the nuggets, but would have preferred a piece of grilled chicken (one of us has to be a little healthy!). They gave me such a headache over it and I would have paid for it. Plus there was no one there at 5:30. I wasn't asking for anything try didn't make. So I went with the nuggets but had a 10 minute argument with the owner who was ok telling me how much the rent was and why he couldn't give me the chicken. It was just an annoying conversation. I wish them luck. It's a good cheap date spot though!

                                1. re: Shagege

                                  Your 15 month old wont eat a hamburger?

                                2. re: GilaB

                                  Thanks! There's plenty on the menu if you give fried food to your child in abundance. I was just trying to get something healthier ( grilled chicken) if I was already giving her fried yams!

                                  1. re: Shagege

                                    There is a Grilled Chicken Sandwich on the menu. Did you not want to order that?

                                    1. re: avitrek

                                      Didn't need the whole shebang for a 15 month old. Just a simple piece of grilled chicken. The reaction of the manager was the whole issue. I'd rather go to deli casba or Thalia's.

                                      1. re: Shagege

                                        I have not yet gone to Amsterdam. However, I don't quite understand what is going on. There is grilled chicken on the menu, but you want something else. I take it you wanted to pay less. This is a small restaurant with a menu. If you think that deli casba or talia' are better for you, go there. If the restaurant doesn't treat you right don't go there. Why is it so upsetting that the manager wants to serve what is on the menu?

                                        1. re: Shagege

                                          Considering the way they've advertised themselves (wings, burgers and beer) and the location, I don't think 15 month olds are the target audience. I'm with jeffrosenbaum, I don't see what was wrong about what they did.

                                          1. re: CloggieGirl

                                            The issue is not the menu. It was the attitude. We were there at 5:00. The only people. The manager could have just been more of a mensch. That's all. Let them handle a business how they want. There are other places and that's fine. I will not go anywhere where an owner/ manager is nasty.

                                            1. re: Shagege

                                              It's not nasty if they won't serve something that's not normally available.

                                              If you had ordered the grilled chicken sandwich and asked for the chicken to be served plain- no bun, no toppings- that's a differen story.

                                                1. re: Shagege

                                                  You asked for the chicken without the bun and they said no. Did you ask to pay less?

                                                    1. re: Shagege

                                                      Although I am tired of this conversation I will make one more comment. My second. This is a restaurant. They have a menu. I can expect them to be nice. I can expect them to be helpful. I can expect them to help serve me if I have allergies etc. What I should not expect is for them to bargain over prices about things on the menu. If your child does not need the bun or anything else on the plate so what? The price is there. Would you do the same at Abigainl's if your husband really didn't want anything but a piece of grilled chicken. Most people would not bargain with the manager/owner/waiter/anyone If you believe that such bargaining is acceptable , I suggest you should eat at home.

                                                      1. re: jeffrosenbaum

                                                        I never bargained. I would have paid full price!!they just didn't want to give me chicken. I would have paid anything. Just be nice to a paying customer. That's all. Read the whole conversation. No one said anything about price or haggling. I would pay anything. Money was not the issue.

                                                        1. re: Shagege

                                                          I have read the entire conversation. It seems that the restaurant had a grilled chicken sandwich on the menu. You told cheesecake 17 that you would have paid ten dollars for the chicken. If I misunderstood I am sorry. If there was a grilled chicken sandwich available and they refused to serve it withlout the bun shame on them. If you were not willing to pay the cost of the chicken sandwich because you did not need the bun so be it. I don't quite understand, but to me that would be bargaining. Having said that, I was much too harsh in my reply to you. I wish you and your family a
                                                          happy Thanksgiving. I wish you and your family many good times in many restaurants.

                                                          1. re: jeffrosenbaum

                                                            Thank you... Have a happy thanksgiving!

                                            2. re: CloggieGirl

                                              It's far from that ombiance. There was another toddler in there too. It's not a bar.

                                              1. re: Shagege

                                                if on the menu, they offer a piece of grilled chicken to be added to a salad for 5 bucks, then you should be able to order that piece of chicken plain, dont you think?

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                                                  My point. Exactly. But then again you can have a mushroom burger for 16 or order a burger with your own topping of mushrooms for 15. They have some work to do. Start with customer service from the manager. The waiter was a delight and apologetic.

                                                  1. re: Shagege

                                                    Did you ask the manager for the $5 chicken cutlet?

                                                    1. re: KosherChef

                                                      Just asked for chicken no price mentioned. But he said no. He doesn't cater to children and if he did he wouldn't be able to afford rent....and it was on from there.

                                                      1. re: Shagege

                                                        lol...that must have been fun.
                                                        I'd bet any amount of money that the manager has never owned a restaurant before.
                                                        If you had noticed the $5 chicken cutlet on the menu, the conversation might have gone a little different...might have.

                                                        HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE. ENJOY THE DAY

                                3. Picked up dinner last night. I was very surprised how cramped it was. It was full, with people waiting. But we all had no where to go. I didnt want to block the door, I moved to the front and wanted to see the action in the kitchen but was quickly rebuffed by the manager. I had to move back to the huddled masses at the door. I asked him what his occupancy was but he didnt know. there was no sign posted. I agree with some comments that the manager seems a little off, also the menu is not child friendly. I understand that this meat is from grow and behold, but a hot dog is 8 bucks. I also dont get using this great meat, but then only cooking it medium well, which is really well done. Meat to bread ratio is decent, but could be better.
                                  I was looking forward to getting my breakfast burger, but they were out of bacon :(. The other burgers were tasty but they did not have any lettuce, tomato and onion even though the menu says all burgers come with. they probably ran out but didnt say anything on a to go order.
                                  Servers were very nice and friendly. They came over quickly, had a waiting list going, took my to go order and stayed on top of it while servicing tables at the same time. Smiles all around.
                                  A little pricey, but you have to pay for quality. Will definitely go back, but I cant bring my kids here.

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                                    1. re: KosherChef

                                      I had a similar experience; it was crazy crowded when I was there Sunday night, with people waiting on line outside to get in. The help seemed friendly and cheerful, despite the fact that were extremely busy. I was there to get takeout, and it was so crowded that I ended up going out for a while to the 7-11 to buy drinks to go with the meal.
                                      The burgers were fine when I got home and we ate, and I know quality deteriorates if it's not eaten fresh, so that was nice.
                                      However, the downsides: The chicken wings were terrible. They were in a hot sauce (though mild) but aside from that they had an almost still raw, undercooked quality that was very unplesant. I'm sure they weren't, but I imagine that's what wings would be like if you microwaved them (with no marinating first) just long enough to be cooked through, and then threw on some hot sauce. Others here have said the wings were good, so I think they might have been overwhelmed and tried some short cuts to make more wings quickly.
                                      Finally, a few people getting takeout wanted to add on something small to their order after it was submitted, but they were told it would take an extra 40 minutes. I'm talking about a wedge of lettuce/salad, or an extra french fries. I sort of get it, maybe, but it felt like very poor customer service.
                                      And it was very, very pricey. I spent $71 for 2 burgers, wings, one soup, one french fries. It seems like an awful lot. Even with the bacon add-on to the onions and mushrooms burger, $19 feels like a fortune for a burger.

                                      1. re: helou

                                        Spent $46 for me and a 15 month old. It adds up!!

                                    2. I think we all *basically* agree. To sum up: the place is good, not great. They are still working out some issues (as is expected in any new restaurant). It is not kid friendly, and doesn't promote itself as such. Servers are friendly, management and reception need improvement. Burgers are good at times, great other times, so potential is there. Let's visit again in 3 months, and see how it goes.
                                      Happy Turkey !

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                                        Meet you there. Lol
                                        Happy thanksgiving.

                                      2. Went there yesterday. The burgers are great (we had the mushroom and onion burger), and even though I usually prefer a less done burger, they're juicy enough that it's not an issue. The wings were very good (and serving them with a ranch-type dressing is something that not enough kosher places have picked up on). The fries were merely adequate; I think I would try a different side or appetizer next time. For a place that's going for a slightly upscale vibe, as opposed to Kasbah, I would think they could do house-made fries, which these didn't seem to be. And I had the passionfruit iced tea, which was very good. I also had delivery from them a few days ago, and the breakfast burger was also very good.

                                        As for seating: we got there at 5:30 and had no problem getting seated. By about 5:45 most of the tables were full and people were starting to have to wait. It's a little bit of the same phenomenon as Noidue, though that space is a little bigger so there's more time to get there (Noidue typically has available seating as long as you're there by about 6:20).

                                        1. We had lunch on a Monday at Amsterdam Burger Company. We felt that the food was mediocre at best. We got the wings which were average and baked not fried. I did like that they included homemade ranch dressing with the wings. I got the cauliflower soup. I was actually really excited about this because I have had the cauliflower soup at Mike's Bistro and it's phenomenal. The soup at ABC tasted like a watered down version of the original. I got a side of broccoli which I could've easily made at home myself - it was pretty much just steamed broccoli with a little bit of crushed garlic. We got a side of fries that were fine - nice and crispy. Lastly, we got an original burger with beef fry. It was $15 and didn't come with anything. If it was good I wouldn't care about the price. It was just a run of the mill burger. One of the owners made a big deal about us bringing a double stroller into the restaurant. Normally I would understand, but we were the ONLY people in the whole restaurant! Overall, the food is nothing special and the prices are crazy!

                                          If you're looking for a great burger place go to Gotham Burger in Teaneck. Half the price and the food is consistently great. Also, the staff is always super nice. It's our favorite. Also, I hear they're opening a second location on the UWS. Yay!

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                                            You'll find me there or we should all take our strollers to ABC at 4:00 just to see them do cartwheels. (Kidding).

                                            1. re: Shagege

                                              looking to pick a fight huh.....not very nice Shagege! I grew up in a city with no kosher restaurants. So often I see Ny'ers take what they have for granted! It's one thing to choose not to frequent someplace, it's another thing altogether to walk into somewhere with the mindset to piss off the owners and disrupt service for everyone else. The owners have chosen not to make the place a overly family oriented joint, even as a father of 3, I get it. I have to say, as someone who owned and operated a kosher joint for year, it's a hard enough business without jerks walking through the doors thinking that they are entitled to world and more. It's a burger joint...love it for what it is, or just leave it for the rest of us to enjoy.

                                              1. re: gotcholent

                                                I guess you missed (kidding). The whole thing is not that serious. BH there are no shortage of places that serve as amazing date spots, social spots and kid friendly. It's fine if they want to cater to a certain type but be nice.

                                          2. I ate there with my daughter two nights ago. We arrived at 530, and it was about half full. By the time we left at 7, it was full. We thought the service was good, and the burgers were great -- both crusty and juicy -- although the buns were a bit big for my taste, and I ended up eating my burger open-faced. My daughter got the mushroom burger and loved the mushrooms and caremelized onions. The french fries were fresh and crisp. All in all, a good, not exorbitant addition to the neighborhood.

                                            We also noted the lack of kid's menu, but while we were there, a family ordered a burger cut in two, on two separate plates for their two little ones, and got it. The staff didn't seem unaccommodating about it; I think that ABC is just aiming for a different crowd in general.

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                                            1. re: JackieR

                                              Does a burger place really need a kids' menu? Aren't burgers pretty darn kid friendly?

                                              1. re: DeisCane

                                                It's nice when a burger place or deli offers a kids sized burger. Nothing different than the regular burger, just in a smaller size.

                                                  1. re: DeisCane

                                                    If it is nice or not nice is not the point. A restaurant has the right to follow its own culinary and business decisions. Diners will vote with their feet to come or not.
                                                    We have been down this path too many times in this discussion.
                                                    I understand Shagege will not be a customer. I understand that gotchulent likes the place. I certainly understand the restaurant has no kids menu. The question is how good is the food, and will the restaurant be able to make a go of it on the upper west side.

                                            2. My husband and I are big fans, we've been there a few times. We've tried a few things, but the best part of the menu is the breakfast burger, a fried egg, bacon and potato. He's very picky about his burgers and he loves it.

                                              1. They cook a really good burger. I really like both the lamb and the beef - to the point where I begin to crave a burger if I'm near 92nd St.

                                                Tried the pulled beef, sweet, pleasant but unexciting sauce.

                                                It's true that they cook them all medium rare (no adjustments).

                                                Went with a non-Jewish colleague who likes food. and who judged it a really good burger, not quite a great burger, and really liked the caramelized onion topping.

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                                                1. re: AdinaA

                                                  I agree. Have been there 4x (once with a nonjewish colleague who LOVED it). The last time I felt the burger was beyond medium well and into well done, but they were VERY crowded that night. It was still juicy but just a hair less perfect than usual. Still, the waitress was sweet and tried to be accommodating in every way. By the way, not to dredge up earlier issues but there were A LOT of little kids when I was there last night, and all seemed happy. Two were eating half burgers, another a hot dog. Didnt see the rest. But all seemed happy.

                                                  1. re: AdinaA

                                                    Actually they cook everything to medium WELL. I was shocked at how juicy the burger was like that. Loved the mint-lemonade and the Orange/Jalapenoade too.

                                                    Will defiantly be going back.

                                                  2. Wondering if anyone has been to both ABC and Gotham enough to write a thoughtful comparison? They both seem to be surviving so they must each have strengths. Comments?

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                                                    1. re: JackieR

                                                      It's way too early to say either is surviving. Come back after Gotham has been open for a year and if they're both around then you can say they're surviving.

                                                      In regards to a review, I don't have time to write a long comparison, but in short: ABC has better burgers, Gotham has cheaper burgers, Gotham has a wider menu.

                                                      If I want a burger I'll go to ABC, if I want something else I'll go to Gotham, if I need to feed a large group or price is very important to me I'll go to Gotham.

                                                      1. re: avitrek

                                                        Frankly, with them both being so crowded and so close together, it seems like which ever resto has an open table is the one worth going to.

                                                      2. re: JackieR

                                                        They do both have their strengths. ABC's strength is their burgers, which are much better than Gotham's. Gotham's strength is their other stuff, like their onion rings, chili, chicken fingers, etc.

                                                        Like avitrek said- If I want a burger, ABC, something else, Gotham, and with a group, Gotham.

                                                      3. Finally went there. The burger was really good. The carmelized onions and "bacon" added a nice flavor. I personally like my burgers more well done but it wasn't a big deal. The fries were nice and crispy but way too salty. My dining partner had the cabbage salad as a side and he said it was very bland.

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                                                        1. re: EmpireState

                                                          Since this thread now includes a comparison between ABC and Gotham, can you tell us which "there" you went to?

                                                        2. Went to ABC Tues night. Was really really good. The breakfast burger was so good, as was the zucchini sticks and yam fritters. Fun place, a little noisy, but cool vibe. Will definitely go again!