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Nov 5, 2012 06:39 PM

where to buy corn husks for tamales

Hi, I just moved back to the boston area from New Mexico and I wanted to make some homemade tamales for my family. Anyone know where in the Cambridge/Somerville/etc area I can buy some dried corn husks?

Thanks so much

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  1. The Somerville and Chelsea Market Basket supermarkets spring immediately to mind.

    The Chelsea one is especially beautiful, big, and well-stocked with a huge variety of Latino produce, groceries, dairy products, meat cuts and products like chorizos, frozen foods, and household items. Aisles wide enough to accommodate SUV-sized carts, and a big-assed parking lot, too.

    I imagine other Hounds can weigh in with nearby bodegas; East Boston has a bunch, for one nearish neighborhood.

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      In the Somerville store, they are in the far right corner corner [as you come in the door facing the aisles] near the fresh peppers and ice cream.

      I believe that they are packaged Badia brand.

    2. Dave's Fresh Pasta has them. Or at least they have in the past.

      1. Check your local supermarket - I know I've seen them in the Allston Star Market (Packard's Corner), in the produce section near the dried chiles. Somerville Market Basket should absolutely have them.

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          Thanks everyone. I'll definitely try the local grocery stores

        2. Whole Foods at Fresh Pond has had them

          1. Granted, I'm not in the Boston area, but our local Walmart carries them regularly.

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              The closest Walmarts in the Boston area are 10+ miles outside the city.