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Nov 5, 2012 06:37 PM

American Thanksgiving

Does anyone know of a restaurant offering American Thanksgiving Dinner on November 22nd this year in Toronto?...other than Allen's or Peartree!

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  1. Teddy's in Oshawa has an incredible Thanksgiving dinner every day of the year. It is a fixed part of their menu. Not too far from Toronto if you have a car. Worth the drive too. Huge, delicious Thanksgiving dinner.

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    1. re: magic

      I'll second the quality of the Thanksgiving dinner at Teddy's (and most other stuff on their menu). I lived in Whitby for a couple of years, and Teddy's is quite literally the only thing I miss about that area.

      1. re: Michael N

        It has been about 17 years since I lived in the Durham area and I still go back just for Teddys. It is not just nostalgia, but its actually good (and inexpensive). The line up does get crazy though (it can start as early as 430).

    2. I've heard Globe Bistro has a Thanksgiving dinner (in full disclosure though, I've never been there). There's some info on their website:

      1. The Blake House on Jarvis is doing a Thanksgiving dinner. Their email said turkey roast with all the trimmings, and apple crumble for $21.

        1. Southern Accent does a turducken for American Thanksgiving every year -

          1. Hemingway's in Yorkville is doing it again this year. It's 16.99 and includes pie for dessert.

            It's fairly standard with standard Thanksgiving plate, but definitely hits the spot and is enjoyable. It's not on their website this year but they did tweet about it. In the past the special ran from Thursday through Sunday.

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              I just called, and they're doing the Thanksgiving meal Thurs - Saturday, not Sunday this year.

              1. Went to Globe Restaurant on the Danforth for turkey dinner - it was excellent!

                1. re: cafepereira

                  Glad it worked out and you had a good Thanksgiving!

                    1. re: cafepereira

                      We did Canadian Thanksgiving at Globe and it was fantastic. Glad you enjoyed it!