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Nov 5, 2012 06:27 PM

Did Mauviel phase out this model (6625.24) of copper cookware?

I remember really wanting a certain mauviel pan 4 or 5 years back but didn't have enough saved up to buy it. I'm trying to find it again online but it seems that it's nowhere to be found. All I was able to find was this link

This specific saucier is nowhere on the mauviel site, and it's a shame. It's the only round pan with some height that is the full 2.5 mm copper gauge, and is a perfect 9.5 inches in diameter.

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  1. I have this pan. It's one of my favorites( I also have a larger size version but with only two people use this one more)...looking at both the US and the French website I don't see it anymore. Too bad....maybe you can find one on ebay? I bought mine at SLT several years back but they cleared out t the 2.5mm line some time ago so it's unlikely to turn one up there but you could try calling their customer service to see if there's one hiding on a clearance rack somewhere in the country.

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    1. re: ziggylu

      Couldn't find any on ebay or amazon. I highly doubt anyone will want to part with such a magnificant pan :(. I found the model on some slightly sketchy sites...I'm suspecting they haven't updated their site in a while. Or perhaps I might get lucky, who knows. I'll try to see if they have any contact info. I already sent Mauviel USA an email and will probably give them a call tomorrow, but I will be totally bummed if there is no more these in circulation

    2. Hi, tadaki:

      Is there some reason the Falk sauciers are unacceptable? I think their small one is still a discounted Try-Me.

      I am somewhat dubious that the Mauviel (even if you could find it) employs a full 2.5mm of copper. Some Hound that has this pan should mike it; my bet is, as with Falk, that the 2.5mm is the overall thickness, which would put the copper foil thickness around 2.3mm.

      Good luck with Mauviel USA and SLT customer service. They're both terrible. You might try calling Dehillerin or Fantes and talking with someone knowledgeable.

      Good Luck,

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      1. re: kaleokahu

        Wow! That try me deal is great! I much rather prefer a large pan, but it's hard to pass up something like that. I'll think about it.

        Falk isn't unacceptable but for some reason I wasn't looking into that brand that much. They seem to have the same stuff at cheaper prices. How is the quality compared to mauviel?

        1. re: takadi

          I think they are functionally the same, and very high quality. Falk only comes with a brushed finish. The handles are a little different--but that's strictly personal preference. I like the polished finish and larger rivet heads on Mauviel, but I like Falk's handles better.

          If you want a larger saucier than the Try Me, ask Michael Harp if he'll discount a bigger one a litle bit for a first-time customer. No harm in asking...

          1. re: kaleokahu

            Eh I didn't think very long and went ahead and bought the try me deal, lol. Oh well. I didn't want to commit to anything too expensive yet and this seems like a perfect little starter to a potential collection.

            It looks like though they give a 10 percent discount on any order of 250. So that would make the 3 quart one around 260, still a very good price.

            I've been reading around and apparently the Mauviel gauges, though they state 2.5 mm, are actually 2.0 plus the .5 from the stainless steel? And 2.3mm for the falks. Seems like the only ones that are actually 2.5 are the bourgeats, and those are just ridiculously expensive.

            1. re: takadi

              Hi, takadi:

              I have no definitive authority on this, but I think the foil layers on Falk and this Mauviel are identical, about 2.3mm of copper and 0.2mm of SS.

              Interestingly, it now seems proven that there *are* 3mm copper SS-lined pans out there, but (a) I've not seen one of these rounded sauciers/sauteuses in that gauge; and (b) I don't think anyone is currently making them that thick. That's one reason why I and many other collectors stick with tin-lined--the universe of really thick vintage pans is then a lot larger. You can wait months and years for a 3mm bimetal pan.


      2. That pan is pretty much identical to the Bourgeat. It comes in 4 or 5 sizes, and is the one I almost always reach for when I am using a whisk.