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Nov 5, 2012 06:23 PM

NYC hounders like any New England/Vermont ski resort areas for mountain, food and beer?

The most refined palates in the northeast reside in New York City and we are in close proximity to Vermont, so I feel like I'll receive more reliable information here than if I posted in New England...

I'm looking for a ski area that's within 30 minutes driving distance to restaurants or eateries serving food featuring local ingredients. Also, near any breweries or beer-centric bars. Any ideas? Thank you.

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  1. Nearby the Sugarbush ski resort, in Warren, the Pitcher Inn has very good food and wines, They have rooms as well. It is the best place to eat in that area. I personally like Sugarbush for skiing and atmosphere, much more than Mt. Snow, and Jay Peak. Killington has some more challenging slopes, but I'd rather be in Warren.

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      Pitcher Inn looks like picturesque Vermont and the food sounds like exactly what I'm looking for (plus craft beers featured in the bar). I may need to make this a 3 day weekend for Sugarbush. Thanks for the information.

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        The Pitcher Inn also has phenomenal breakfasts. And while anyone can make a reservation to eat dinner in the dining room, breakfast is for guests of the inn only!

      2. You will want to stay in Waterbury VT and ski at either Sugarbush or Stowe. For beer you have the Black Back Pub which serves many Hill Farmstead beers, Prohibition Pig across the street that serves Alchemist Heady topper, and Reservoir for more craft beer choices. Pick up a case or two of Heady Topper at the Alchemist Cannery.

        Since I don't reside in NYC, my palate surely isn't as refined as yours, so I'll just keep my recommendation for a Inn that I think serves great breakfasts to myself. Plenty of threads for Stowe and Waterbury to search which may or may not suit your superior tastes.

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          Haha. I appreciate the recs they sound excellent. Thank you