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Nov 5, 2012 06:00 PM

Cookies for a Wedding

My son is getting married in Chicago in mid-December. We wanted to bring a Pittsburgh tradition to the event - a cookie table. What I am looking for is the name(s) of a bakery that could provide a wide variety of cookies. Price is not a (major) issue, but variety is - so, we can't mix and match from different companies. Any ideas ?

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  1. Three Tarts Bakery in Northfield has high quality and a nice variety:

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      When I posted the above, I was thinking about the smaller cookies Three Tarts always keeps in stock, like their shortbread, their chocolate-dipped raspberry sandwich cookies, their almond crescents, etc. They're very rich, much MUCH better than the typical cookies you find in most conventional bakeries. (For example, Tag's florentines are okay, and I like their almond macaroons when they're fresh - which they aren't always - but I find most of their other cookies mediocre, just your everyday boring low-quality tea cookies.)

      Then I noticed on the Three Tarts website that they also do custom decorated cookies, with samples shown in the animation at the bottom of the web page in the link above. That would be VERY cool for a wedding - you'll notice they already do cookies that look like pictures of a wedding cake, and I'm sure they can do other things like hearts that say "MIKE AND KAREN", etc. And the high quality means they'll taste great too!

    2. What a fun tradition, and one that is new to me! I recommend Tag's Bakery in Evanston, a suburb just north of the Chicago city limits. Their Florentine (dark chocolate, almonds, dried cherries) is my favorite cookie in the world, just edging out the pistachio macaron from Laduree. They offer a wide variety of solid choices, but I would double up on the Florentines.

      Tag's Bakery
      2010 Central St.
      Evanston, IL

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        Tag's butter cookies are some of the best around.
        I can't buy a box of the Florentines, because once I get started I can't stop eating them.

      2. I just wanted to let folks know that we used Three Tarts (see second pix). The dinner was at the Trump Tower and they made up a nice table (see first pix). The selection was great and they had everything boxed, wrapped and packed for us - right on time. And, the cookies were excellent.