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Nov 5, 2012 05:53 PM

Great New Restaurant in Horsham

A new restaurant, Taqueria del Sol opened in the old Baja Fresh location on Welsh Road in front of the shopping center with Lowes and Sam's Club. What a great spot! The food is delicious and quite inexpensive; a small menu that is "Mexican fusion". It is a fast casual restaurant that has a full bar; a very unusual combination. We had shrimp corn chowder (fabulous) , a Memphis taco (chopped pork with spicy cole slaw and BBQ sauce), a brisket taco with pico del gallo and a side of rice and refried beans. Everything was fresh and absolutely delicious. I checked on the internet and Taqueria del Sol is a very successful small chain from Atlanta. This Horsham spot is the first location in Pennsylvania. If you're in the area, I highly recommend you give it a try.

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  1. Sounds like a winner. With the weather we have been having I could use some food from sunny warm Mexico

    1. I will second this recommendation. I have been twice now, and was pleased both times. Their pork green chili is also very good.

      1. Do you know if they have a liquor license? When I looked at the website, it had a section for drinks & listed margaritas. This is PA, however.....

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          I walked in and looked at the menu a week ago. They definitely have beer. Not sure about liquor.

          1. re: PattiCakes

            The OP indicated they were there and there is a full bar.

            1. re: crazyspice

              I actually had a conversation with the owner about the bar. I commented that it must have cost a fortune to get a liquor license in PA. His answer was "don't ask" but not as expensive as getting a liquor license in NJ in the Cherry Hill Mall. I was surprised when they asked if I wanted to buy a margarita and they pointed out the full bar. The owner is a really nice guy and as I said before, everything I tried was excellent.