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Nov 5, 2012 05:35 PM

Kansas City - new or new-ish place for Black Friday?

I'm coming back to KC to have turkey with the family, and I'm also planning a meet-up with friends on Black Friday. We were thinking of a late lunch/early dinner. Any recommendations for a new or new-ish place with some vegetarian or fish entree options?

I've heard some good things about "Remedy" in Waldo. Has anyone had a meal there?

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  1. Remedy is a bit slim for vegetarians - it's a funky menu. Great food but my husband has a tough time there. Louie's Wine Dive is also in Waldo, brand new, and getting great buzz. Much larger menu to choose from. That would be my suggestion.

    1. We ended up going to Affäre, in the Crossroads. Lovely atmosphere, lots of fish (and mushrooms) on the menu. I was told that the space (the former Bar Natasha) is loud at night, but it was quiet and mellow on Black Friday - exactly what I wanted!

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        Was there any menu item in particular that you liked? Always looking for new places. I actually took my out-of-town guests to Remedy yesterday.. Surprisingly quiet for a football Sunday afternoon. The cava/apricot cocktail was delicious as were the eggplant fries and the artichoke salad (especially the salad.) The shrimp toast was good and the others judged the bone marrow as just ok. Definitely a funky menu and the entrees were not available until 4.

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          I had their special house cocktail - the "Affäre" - a gin concoction with cucumber flavor and violent water - it was heavenly. Three of the four people in my group ordered the trout, which comes with purple potatoes - I can never get enough purple potatoes! The trout was very tasty but I thought that it was a little too buttery. A friend had the wild mushroom soup - a special - and he said that it was one of the best soups he's ever had. I ordered the beef consommé which was really excellent too.

          I usually avoid places whose names have an umlaut in them, but I think that "Affäre" merits an exception being made!