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Nov 5, 2012 05:06 PM

Not a Native Baltimorean?

Okay--if you didn't grow up in the Baltimore area, where the topic seems to relate to CRABCAKES--best, worst, recipes, etc. Where you grew up--what is the city and it's focus on a particular food that visitors would want to eat based on the speciality of the area? FoiGras

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  1. Grew up in Baltimore but lived in Philly for 6 years and the subject there is who makes the best cheesesteak and Italian hoagies.

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    1. re: dining with doc

      Oh yes--doc--okay--a few years ago saw on the Food Channel (or perhaps the Travel Channel)- the "wars" between various cheesesteak establishments. In fact, if memory serves me, the two most famous ones are catty-corner from each other. Do you know what I'm referring to?

      In any event, what was/is your take on the BEST cheesesteak? And, what about higher end dining? Yet, that is kind of out of the bounds of this thread as I posted what was a food item that we "grew up with." when I was a kid, I don't recall fancy restaurants, but ate very well. Especially those darned crabcakes and shrimp salad (from Kibby's, of course). FoiGras

      1. re: FoiGras

        Don't do it! Don't visit either Pat's or Geno's unless you're drunk!

        I'd also add to dining with doc's answer that people are just as likely to debate great pork sandwiches, and sandwiches in general. Lots of answers as to who has the best cheesesteak in the above threads and Philadelphia board. Had a very enjoyable steak at Philip's in Bella Vista over the weekend.

        Lots of higher end dining! Philly has a great and vibrant food scene with restaurants for almost every budget...

        1. re: mookleknuck

          Ha! I have been to Pat's twice - once drunk and once hungover (two seperate trips, not in the same 24 hours)

        2. re: FoiGras

          Ok I misunderstood your post but I grew up in pikesville and my memories include crabs and crab cakes at The Pump Room, Italian food at either Sabatinos including the bookmakers salad or chiaparellis and the house salad, special occasions at the Pimlico Hotel and its book like menu including the best Chinese food in town and chopped steak served on a plank with whipped potatoes and peas, and baked Alaska for desert, Fried chicken and huge potatoe fries at the Village Food Market at Cross Keys and coddies at the small pharmacy on seven mile lane near smith avenue.

          1. re: dining with doc

            "doc"--you certainly didn not misunderstood my proposed thread. You captured what I was looking for. Geez, I just walked down dining out memory lane with you. Some of your recollections I'd totally forgotten.
            I also want to hear what you recalled eating in memory time-when you were a kid. Unless you were a wealthy, chowhound kid--I would like to know what you enjoyed in your youth, not the Pump Room, Sab's,, etc. I loved those restaurants in my late teens and into my twenties. There was no place better then the Pimlico Hotel, especially on a Saturday night. We used to dress to the nines--drink-dine and dance to the band that played in the lounge. Those evenings were a big deal--great food--see and be seen atmosphere. Do you remembe the Four C's in Pikesvill;e in the mid to later 1970;s? Another great Saturday night event. If I recall, either on Saturday or Sunday night, there was a buffet dinner--carving station, etc. Quite nice--lots of good food--at least for me as a late teen aged person. I thought it was so glamoris at that stage of my life. And, not to be forgotten, Meushaw's in the motel/hotel off of Security Boulevard--they had one of the first "salad-type" bars. That was a big event to dine there back in the day. They had the most scrumptious seafood au gratin.

            And let's not forget Emerson's Steakhouse downtown.. Another salad bar that was the big thing back in the early to mid 1970's.
            I still want to hear from Chowhounders with reagards to more related childhood memories. I enjoy hearing all of the responses though. Living life through food. FoiGras

            1. re: FoiGras

              FG: as a teen i remember my parents taking me out to the aforementioned restaurants on Sunday nights for dinner. I also remember dining at Mings for chinese on York Road. Even earlier I remember going to Peter Pan and to Friendly Farms for family style dining, to the Hot Shoppes Cafeteria at the Plaza for pretty good quality buffet food, to Mandel's restaurant next to the Crest Theatre, to Wolfie's restaurant on Reisterstown Road. I do not remember Emersons, 4 C's. Sometimes for a special night we went to the Brentwood Inn to eat fancy until there was a antisemetic slur one evening and we never went back.
              regarding cheesesteaks, the 2 places you refer to in south philly are geno's and pat's and both are tourist traps and not that great. A few years ago in Philadelphia Magazine there was an article in which a guy sampled 50 places over a 30 day period and ranked them based on 1 to 4 clogged coronary arteries. Good read. The top ranked place was a small grocery on south 8th street in south philly near the stadiums and I can confirm it was great. There are a lot of threads on the Philadelphia page regarding cheesesteak, hoagie and roasted pork sandwich favs

      2. DC -
        Wings and Mumbo Sauce,
        Fried fish,
        Chili half-smoke from Ben's,
        steamed crabs.
        Ledo's pizza from the original store not one of the franchises. (Now located in College Park so not technically the original store - but the closest there is.)

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        1. re: drewpbalzac

          drew--nice list. Correct me if I am wrong, but the Ledo's that I first went to was in the Laurel area about 25 years ago. Or, actually, it may have been in the area of White Flint Mall. That was the first time I'd ever dined on White Pizza. Love, Love it.

          My huby just informed me that the Ledo's that we went to about 1986 or so was in the Laurel area. My first SQUARE pizza. That is one thing I love, not having to dig into the silverware draw for the pizza cutter. No stress with cutting those squares.
          On a different note, I agree with you that the franchises don't deliver the same quality of pizza that I recall those many years ago. IN fact, had one from our local place and it was not very good at all, couldn't hold up to Papa John's--where I'd have to bring out the pizza cutter--oh dear--what a hardship!!! lol FoiGras

          1. re: FoiGras

            The original Ledo's was off of University Blvd. in Adelphi, MD just down the hill from the University of Maryland. They moved this store over into the heart of College Park, hence it is the closest thing to the original location.

            There was some legal donnybrook over the franchises and it is my understanding that the "original" Ledo's is no longer associated with the franchises.

            As pizza goes it is an acquired taste and not for people who are going to judge it against the pies of New York City or New Jersey. But folks from PG county sure loved the stuff backin the day.

            1. re: drewpbalzac

              Thanks" drew": for the education re Ledo's. Yes, you are absolutely on the mark with regards to pizzas in comparison to those in NYC or even NJ. I am not a real affcionado of pizza--this statement will convince you, I'm certain. Back in the late 1970's I LOVED Swanson's Hungry Man Pizza. A frozen concoction-in a square pan. (maybe I have some affinity for square pizza's??!). So, I am not one to make judgements on really GREAT PIZZA'S.
              Many years ago when I was in L.A. I dined at Spago's. Hey, it was THE PLACE TO GO TO. I don't even have a recollection of the pizza--yes, it had goat cheese--at that time that was a revelation. But, overall, I wasn't impressed with the pizza nor the restaurant. At that time, dining in L.A. was not really impressive. My experiences included Jimmys and Chasen's (now both long gone)--Le Dome--La Chacette-Mortons's. The Bel Air Hotel and the Bevery Regent and Penisula HOtels--along withg Valentino's, Carol's Place (owned by Carol O'connor--"Archie Bunker.").

              Sorry to go off on a tangent.. I need to travel up to the NY/NJ area for some pizza to make me a convert into an afficionado. FoiGras

        2. I'm not sure any single dish reaches its acme in my medium-sized Texas city, but chicken-fried steak may come closest. It was allegedly invented some 60-odd miles south of here, and there are dozens of places here who make a very good one.