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Nov 5, 2012 04:44 PM

meat based Mexican appy

I'm having some people over for a "salsa & ceviche" party. I'm looking for a meat based appy to serve as well to balance things out (and cause one friend isn't a big seafood fan).

Any suggestions on something that fits with this mexican theme? Maybe something with Mexican Chorizo?

(also feel free to share your favorite ceviche or salsa recipe)

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  1. Meat-filled empanadas
    Mini-sweet peppers filled with a chorizo or other meat filling
    Fajita seasoned steak and grilled veg on extra thick tortilla chips or in lettuce cups
    Papas rellenos (potatoes filled with picadillo)

      1. Quesadilla's... can do with chorizo or beans and/or green chilies (not sure where you are, but getting some good chili's now at the farmer's market in Phoenix).

        1. Roast Anaheim chiles under the broiler until their skins blacken, turning to get all sides. Put in a paper or plastic bag for 20 min., then peel. Cut slits in one side and carefully deseed.

          Stuff the chiles with any combination you like of the following: cooked and crumbled chorizo, diced chicken, black beans flavored with cumin and oregano, Mexican or Spanish rice, a grated meltable cheese like queso asadero or Monterey jack, caramelized onions, etc.

          Arrange the stuffed chiles on a baking sheet and bake for 20 mins. at 400.

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          1. re: JonParker

            I think the name of the dish is Queso Fundido. It is melted cheese with crumbled Chorizo.

            1. re: robt5265

              I like the Queso Fundido idea as it fits well with the "Salsa & Ceviche" theme since you also eat it with tortilla chips.

              My concern however is keeping it warm.

              Perhaps I can come up with a less cheesy more creamy version of this that wouldn't need constant heat.

              1. re: NomadicFoodie

                Queso fundito really needs constant heat, at a minimum a double boiler type server or Sterno, may not be practical if you don't have a fondue set.

                1. re: NomadicFoodie

                  I just made Queso Fundito last weekend and i used my electric wok to keep it warm. You could also use a smaller crockpot if you have one of those.

                  1. re: ctfoodie

                    Don't have any options for keeping it warm. We'll be at a Vacation rental for a couple of weeks, so only have what they have.

                    Some day I will stop traveling (or maybe just travel less) and have a real home with kitchen gadgets.

                    1. re: NomadicFoodie

                      If you don't want to build a "McGyver" food warmer from a can and some Sterno, get a brick or rock from the site, heat it in the oven and then place it on the table mostly wrapped in a towel with a small pot of fundido on top. (Or you could place the brick or rock in another cooking pot. A pot of hot water works, too -- like a double boiler, but doesn't last too long.)

            2. Chorizo sopes are going to give you some great textures, however these have to be made a la minute. Molletes, sort of Mexican crostini, can also be topped with chorizo and cheese and run under the broiler for something bubbly and crunchy.