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Nov 5, 2012 04:29 PM

What is it that you do with um...lamb heart and kidney?

I love the grocery store and often when I pop in to grab just a few items if I have the time I will browse around for a bit as it often stimulates new ideas and I find new products. Well on my Sunday morning stroll through Whole Foods I spotted lamb heart and lamb kidney. I have seen other organ meats, primarily liver, but also beef heart and kidney but always wondered what do you do with it? Does anyone seek out these organ meats to make a particular dish?

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  1. Heart can be seared like steak, and served sliced thinly med-rare.

    Kidneys are generally braised, I like them with a mustardy sauce. With lamb kidneys, I'd probably amp up the rosemary contingent.

    1. While I've never had or cooked lamb heart, lamb kidneys were one of my mom's favorite ingredients for her version of a traditional "English Grill" breakfast. And they were delicious!! Just pan-fried in an obscene amount of butter & served with good sausages, bacon, ham, eggs, thickly-sliced tomatoes, toast.

      Thanks for the blast from the past.

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        My mother made them for breakfast too but they were in a pan gravy and served on toast. I think she soaked them in milk first to get out the sharp taste.

      2. Do you have to 'clean' them in any particular way or just consider it like any other cut of meat that is sold pretty much ready to use? I am intrigued.

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          It depends on how they were prepped before being offered for sale.

          Unprepped kidneys in general can have fatty tissue & membranes attached. These should be carefully removed before cooking. It's not a big deal & only requires a regular paring knife & a little attention.

        2. Beef Hearts marinated in an aji pepper sauce and grilled are a very popular dish called Anticuchos in Peru. I would assume that you could make the same dish substituting Lamb Hearts for Beef Hearts. I've never made them but I've eated them in restaurants a lot.

          1. I have all of the above from the lamb I bought this year. One heart doesn't seem to be a meal to me. Has anyone added the heart and kidney into a pate? Any recipes that you would suggest as inspiration?