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Nov 5, 2012 02:36 PM

cocktail party help

Hi , I am looking for some help. I need a restaurant that could cater a small informal birthday party. It would only be 20-25 people , was going to prepare food but this has been a tough week and need to reduce the workload. It is a surprise party and for someone that realy likes food. Taste are all over the board.

Was thinking about trying to have a bunch of dim sum or something like that but couldnt figure it out. Would like finger foods not entire entrees. Location is not that important , as the party is in midtown.
BuAs far as budget , I am somewhere in the middel , what that means I am not sure. Never catered a party before. Also considered ordering apps from a bunch of different rests. like samosas , thai curry puffs , some sushi, etc. and have them delivered through the night , just dont want it to seem to "hodgepodgey".

Anyone with experience here would be greatly appreciated.

thanks ,

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  1. Sounds like you have the space, you're only looking for the food?

    I've used a Lebanese caterer before who made everything at home and would deliver it the day of the party (you would have to warm it if you want it hot, or just set it out). Just looked them up (it's been a while!) - still in business - Love the mohammara, the kibbeh and the mini burgers are delicious.

    Alternatively, Trader Joe's has a lot of hors d'oeuvres that would work, but you'd have to reheat them - not sure what your oven situation is. Dim sum is harder, because the dumpling skins will dry out unless you have them delivered just in time.

    What neighbourhood?

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      I am in midtown west and will be having the party at home. Sorry if I wasnt clear

      Thanks for the tip

    2. Try calling The Varick Room. The perfect place for a cocktail party. They have several excellent caterers they work with and it's a real nice atmosphere , right on Varick and Canal.

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