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Nov 5, 2012 02:08 PM

ISO casual dinner options: Mississauga - Dundas & Dixie

We're heading to Mississauga in December for a night of birthday curling at the Dixie Curling Club just North of Dundas between Dixie and Tomken. Looking for some dinner options no more than a 5 min drive from the club. We'll be a group of about 12 people so a place that takes reservations would be required. Not searching for a gourmet food experience -- just something yummy, casual, and relatively fast (in and out in 1 1/2 hrs) that won't break the bank.

I see that there is a Pho Dau Bo on Dundas that could fit the bill. Is this still a Chow-favourite? Any other recommendations are much appreciated!

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  1. There's a number of good options in the Mississauga Chinese Centre at 888 Dundas. You really can't go wrong there. The Pho 88 there is decent.

    Mario's BBQ is a little further West, just East of Hurontario. Great Portugese fare.

    You'll find a Pho 99 at Dixie and Dundas on the NE corner in the FreshCo/Value Village plaza. I find it better than Pho Dau Bo.

    There's a Swiss Chalet just East of Dixie on the North side with Future Shop and Part Source if you want a slightly more vanilla option.

    Song Cook is also in that area, but I can't speak to it more than just having heard that it's good Korean food.

    There's a Longhorn Steakhouse East of Cawthra on the North side, across from the Chinese Centre. Not a highly recommended choice from me but it's not horrible for texmex grub.

    Finally there's a Pho Mi Asia and also a Wacky Wings place one block West of Dixie on the South side. I believe both are towards the back of the plaza, Bouclair is at the front of the plaza.

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      Thanks 13inches! As you can probably tell, I don't know the area at all so your recs are most helpful.

    2. in the same plaza as the freshco/valuvillage is the imperial buffet, if you have a birthday person in your party they get to eat free there decent food and great desert selections.