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Nov 5, 2012 02:09 PM

Thanksgiving in Palm Springs area

Looking for a nice restaurant to have Thanksgiving dinner (do not really want a buffet). Kind of narrowed it down to Copley's or Spencer's. Haven't been to either of these. Does anyone have an opinion on these or any other places you could recommend?


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  1. Just got back from PS and my fave restaurant is Le Vallauris.
    Been going for many many years and from the food, wine and atmosphere is lovely.
    Make sure you go to Gay Bingo night with my girl, Linda, aka, Sissy Bingo at the Ace...fantastic and great craft cocktails and food too!

    1. Nadine, I have not eaten at either restaurant, but I can recommend Arnold Palmer's in La Quinta. It is a beautiful restaurant and the Chef, Ivan Flowers' does amazing food. They are not doing a buffet & the menu looks really good.
      Here is web
      Also, check out Palm Springs Life November issue online. They have an article on places offering Thanksgiving

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        I like the slogan for Arnold Palmer's Restaurant: Taste The Good Life.

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          Would not recommend A. Palmer's in comparison to Spencers or Copley's ...and is a long way fr0m Palm Springs..thought I would add this note, too.

      2. Both are quite acceptable. If you love tennis, it is by the tennis courts and also very nice inside OR or on the covrered patio (weather depending) ...This is Spencer's
        A more elegant choice with outstanding food is Copley's...sort of pricey--but, not so much as Le Vallaursl
        Call today for resrvations at either one...VERY poplular!!!

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          Le Vallauris is $58 per person for a 3 course meal
          Copley's is $60.00 per person for a 3 course meal
          Spencers is $44.00 per person

          I have not been to Copley's and heard good things..just had an incredible meal at LV late September and it outshined in every aspect.