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Nov 5, 2012 02:02 PM



Has anyone passed by the Faubourg lately?
I know Grumman 78 has closed permanently due to infestation, but is the whole food court closed?
Is bangkok still open?


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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Everything else is open.

      1. Folks, we know this was a big story and everyone is aware of the situation but Chowhound policy is not to discuss the details behind health-department related closings. So, it's fine to ask if things are open/closed, but we'd ask that people not get into the details here, and especially that you not get into reporting unofficial issues in other businesses. We'd ask everyone to turn to the Health Department for up-to-date, confirmed information about the hygiene situation in this area, rather than discussing here. Thanks.

        1. Haven't been there in years and I was sad to witness that the place was literally empty in the middle of lunch hour
          My meal was very good but what a sorry place with all those empty for rent spaces.

          I was going for the noodles place but I went for the Poulet Tikka because the guy insisted that I try a piece of his chicken tikka. It was excellent and moist so heck I gave him a try for a tikka dish at 7.99. The rice was very good also. The portion is generous with a huge sizing of sald also..

          I couldn't help but think while eating how good it was compared to Burgundy Lion and their miserable version of tikka chiken (colonial) tagged at 17$ for the dish.

          Burgundy Lion should send their chef to Poulet Tikka and learn a little basic of english indian cuisine.

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          1. re: maj54us

            I love that Indian place... they have great tandoori chicken wraps

          2. Bangkok is still excellent as long as the old man doesn't draw your number for cooking. It's all cooked after order,and I mean real food, restaurant quality. I've never been to another food court outlet anywhere like it.
            Tikka place is good as mentioned.
            Ramen bowl is decent, and they slam and pull their own noodles for visual entertainment.
            Smoked meat place has a decent Club.
            The Faubourg has been badly managed for decades as anyone who's at least a semi regular will attest to.

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            1. re: meagain

              It is really sad, as I remember when it was much livelier and not so bedraggled looking.

              1. re: lagatta

                There is something extremely weird about the Faubourg. It's been a mess forever. Random renovations constantly happening with temporary walls and vacant spaces all the time.
                For conspiracy theorists the administration of Concordia has essentially tried to force the Student Union (CSU) to buy the building for their student centre. It's been voted down at least twice. I'm guessing a friend of someone on the previous BOG (pre-Sheppard) owns this building and was looking for easy money. Really no other explanation.

                1. re: lagatta

                  I loved visiting Faubourg in the mid-1990s. Couldn't believe the change, from a bustling mall to an almost vacant mall, when I revisited in May 2004. I'm amazed the food court stalls mentioned have managed to continue to offer good food, considering the rest of the space.

                  1. re: prima

                    I wonder if anything can be done to turn the space around. It is a nice building as malls go, fairly open to the street. There have been a lot of positive changes in the area, from the PA several years ago, through Concordia Chinatown, to the new Adonis a bit west of there.

                    1. re: lagatta

                      I think so, but only done properly and not half-assed like everything else is. needs to be emptied, fumigated, repaired, painted, cleaned, and only then be open to tenants.

                      there's definitely enough demand in the area for at least a coffee shop, bagel bakery, frozen yogurt, flower shop, etc. like there used to be.

                  2. re: lagatta

                    When it opened in 1986, it was a great concept in a cool space. Big variety of restaurants and specialty stores attracted steady clientele. Not 100% sure, but I think both Bangkok and the Indian restaurant have been there since it opened. Saw many a movie downstairs followed by great pad thai.