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Nov 5, 2012 01:15 PM

What to Order at Qingdao Garden this evening?

I am treating myself to a little QG this evening since the Swank family is away. I plan to stuff myself silly while watching embarrassing things on TV. Usually I get dumplings, beef flour pie, and kung pao chicken, but I'm feeling frisky. I want something authentic, off their adventure menu, preferably very spicy and possibly stewy. My favorite dish of all time is tendon in chili garlic sauce -- when done right. Not sure if they offer this. Also love *anything* in black bean sauce, most sinus-clearing dishes, and odd or unusual meats. Please advise!! My future heartburn thanks you.

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  1. Their cumin lamb is really good, so if that's something you might like, get that!

    Otherwise, I actually think the dumplings are the way to go. You could ask for them to be pan-fried, which makes them even better.

    1. Check this thread, and these posts on the spicy chicken in particular -

      You might also consider getting the nam kao tod from Rod Dee, which I found very spicy and definitely qualifies in the odd meat category -

      1. If you want something spicy and stewy, I highly recommend the boiled fish fillet in fiery sauce.

        1. We love the shredded pork with pickled vegetables. The dumplings don't wow me but I'm starting to realize I only really love XLB.

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            Well, I ended up getting takeout from Golden Garden instead (closer to the Swank Estate). I'll let you know how it turns out: got spicy tendon in garlic sauce and fish filet with chinese cabbage, also in spicy chile sauce.