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Nov 5, 2012 12:33 PM

Moderate Priced but Memorable suggestions

DC hound here looking for some suggestions. Two of us will be visiting Manhattan the second weekend of December to enjoy the Christmas decorations. We need a place for lunch and dinner on Saturday. We want to stay under $50 per person before tax and tip and would like to stay in Manhattan. I was looking through Adam Platt's 101 for 2012 and we liked a lot of ideas. By looking at that, we decided we wanted: new American, Italian, farm to table, and perhaps seafood. We would stay away from Asian, Spanish, Mexican, and the like. Some of our favorites from browsing the list would be: Gramercy Park Tavern, Sfoglia, Craft (in tap room), Del Posto, Eataly, and Blue Hill.

Please let me know what you think.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Blue Hill is an excellent start.
      For really good Italian without being pricey there is Crispos.
      In fact, all of your choices are good ones. It really depends on where you'll be at the time.
      For brunch don't miss the historical Katz' deli.
      A unique NY experience for breakfast would be Shopsins.

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        I'm not sure you can eat at Blue Hill for $50 per person.

        You certainly can't at Del Posto (unless they've reinstated their lunch deal).

        I assume dave means the bar room at Gramercy Tavern (no "Park"). That's within range. Certainly not the dining room.

        Also, Craft doesn't have a "tap room". Dave must mean Colicchio & Sons.

      2. DaCiro in Murray Hill has excellent Italian in your price range if you don't drink.
        Grand Central Oyster Bar for amazing oysters and chowder. The rest of the menu is not memorable. Make sure you eat at the oyster bar. It's a not tot be missed NYC moment.
        Penelope for an interesting Brunch
        Boca di Bacco on 9th Ave is also excellent reasonable Italian if you don't drink

        1. This might help.

          Looking for "neighborhood finds" in the mid-town/downtown area - Seafood, Italian, American Nouveau

          1. Lunch at Bar Room at the Modern came to just under $50/person, including coffee and other non-alchoholic beverages, not including tax or tip. 4 of us shared 8 savoury plates and one dessert. Memorable meal, look forward to going back.