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Nov 5, 2012 12:30 PM

Whare can you buy Gingerbread Bagels?

I know several years ago Panera sold Gingerbread Bagels around this time of year, but no more. So, is there any place in the San Diego area that sells them? Google search is not showing any results.

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    1. Gingerbread bagels? One question: why?

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      1. re: lost in suburbs

        Toasted gingerbread bagels with lemon curd. That's why!!!

        1. re: lost in suburbs

          Hey, sounds like a really Judeo-Christian fusion item to me.
          Besides, these days there are every other kind of bagel, so why not Gingerbread?

            1. re: lost in suburbs

              Hope you're smiling when you say that...

          1. re: globalevent

            Agreed. fusion/shmusion- just call it ginger bread with a hole in it