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Nov 5, 2012 12:14 PM

Standout dishes at the Scaramouche Pasta Bar

This Saturday will be my first visit to the Scaramouche Pasta Bar. What would people say are the standout, must try dishes?

Thanks for your input

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  1. Caesar salad, calf's liver, and coconut cream pie. IMO, the perfect meal there.

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      Everything is excellent there, honestly you can't go wrong with whatever strikes your fancy. The calamari is one of their signature dishes. Tuna app is always wonderful. The steak and frites best in the city and I love the pasta dish too.

      And yes, coconut cream pie is a must. Enjoy.

    2. I can't say I have ever ordered anything there that I have not enjoyed

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        This is great - I am so happy to get these responses. Thank you

      2. Ok, so I know its not the Pasta Bar, but Mr. Vuitton and I were at the restaurant for dinner this evening. Honest to peaches, we love this place. Great from start to finish. (we were celbrating a big birthday for Mr. Vuitton, but we are here 2 to 3 times a year + the PastaBar)

        Seated promply, served promptly everythig was great!

        I had the oysters to start. They were fresh, tasty - I am going to say middle of the road for flavour (like Malpeques, but they were not Malpeques - I just forget *what* they were). I knew what I was getting flavour wise (as in tame) but, very fresh, very "crisp" on the bite, fresh horseradish, a great pickled onion and fresh lemon wedges.

        Mr. Vuitton had the tuna sashimi. It was fabulous!! I was expecting a Japanese style presentation. This was cut more like a carpaccio, with minced garlic and a sweet teriyaki sauce as wel as finished with a fresh parsley (I think). Anyway - it was great.

        Mains: I had the tenderloin with mashed potato and green beans, Oh my lard! - the beans were incredible -- small, perfectly cooked with a snap and vibrant green (only Mr Vuitton;s maple syrup/butter sauteed green beans with slivered almonds have been better). My filet was perfectly med rare - tender and flavourful. My only complaint was that it was too saucy (I don't recall reading on the menu that the sauce was full of red peppers, mushrooms, etc. I was expecting something more cleanly grilled/drier presentation). That said, it was still too saucy, even if the menu had described that. But the actual meat was perfectly cooked.

        Mr. Vuitton had the lamb - it looked beautifully med rare and he finished it all, and said he thought it was excellent. I can add nothing more.

        For dessert - I had the apple cake. Great portion size, flavourful, not too sweet. Mr. Vuitton had a chocolate dessert. It was too rich for me (I am generally not a chocolate fan) but he loved it; it was well presented.

        There was also an amuse at the start - soft boiled quail's egg. I did not even try it - eggs (other than scrambled or in omellette form) gross me out to no end. Yech!

        I had a glass of cava to start, we had a bottle of Madrigal syrah with dinner (very reasonable markup - we have some in our cellar so relative to cost, good value for $; excellent wine)

        Service, as usual, was great. Very attentive without being intrusive at all. Lovely. The kitchen was perhaps 5 minutes too quick on our starters relative to the pace of the rest of the meal. A very minor quibble - was not even worth addressing.

        Total bill - tax tip, all -- about $380 for two.

        Love this place. Always have.

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          Dinner report:

          My wife and I had one of the best dining experiences that we have had in ages in Toronto at Scaramouche pasta bar this past Saturday night. The service was impeccable - few places in Toronto offer this level of attentive, but not in your face, service.

          We ordered two pastas to start - the cavatelli with an anchovie infused tomato sauce and the ravioli with assorted mushrooms in a porcini and truffle infused cream sauce (this second one was off the main course selection but converted to starter portion size). The cavatelli was delicious but the real star of the entire night was the ravioli with plenty of perfectly cooked mushrooms and grilled artichokes and a sauce that I would like to bathe in for a while. This pasta dish rivals the spaghetti at Scarpetta for my favourite and most memorable pasta dish in Toronto.

          For mains, my wife had the haddock in mustard and tarragon and I had the calf's liver. Both perfectly executed and the mashed potatos that accompanied the liver were perfectly silky and delicious. It is a large portion of liver so it is perfect for someone with a larger appetite (as I have).

          We shared the coconut cream pie and my wife had a delicious latte to wash dessert down with.

          All in, with 2 cocktails and 2 nice pours of wine, $230 inclusive of taxes and tip.

          Love this place - will be back...and soon...