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Nov 5, 2012 11:56 AM

CUT and Le Cirque - Reviews

Thanks to everyone for the opinions previously. We ate at CUT and Le Cirque.

CUT was fantastic.
The shrimp and crab appetizer was a bit oversauced. Not exactly what we were expecting.
Partner had the 21 day aged filet. It was good as far as filtets go. I had the 35 day aged NY strip. Both steaks were cooked perfectly. The strip was the best steak we have ever tasted. It left us wondering if we should have had some of the more expensive cuts.
The polenta side dish was prepared perfectly and I can still imagine the taste days later. The brussel sprouts were tasty, but not memorable.
Service was knowledgeable, available, and fun.
Overall, we will surely visit CUT next time. In fact, we can't wait.

Le Cirque was good. I had very high expectations and they were not met.
The food was very good. The langoustine appetizer was ok and the risotto appetizer (lobster) was cooked perfectly, if not a bit over seasoned.
The main entrees were prepared well but did not live up to the hype. The striped bass tasted nice but was missing something in the presentation, as was the venison. Very tasty, but there was a missing piece.
The dessert was, on the other hand, OUT OF THIS WORLD EXCELLENT. As a couple we have never had 2 desserts that were as visually appealing, tasty, and memorable. We have had at least 1 conversation daily about the desserts. (PS...that is what I expected from the whole meal).
The meal was very good, but short of excellent.
The service fell apart. As my wife said, in the beginning it seemed "congested" The sommelier took our water order, then 60 seconds later a waiter asked us what kind of water we wanted. We felt like the people attending to us were literally and figuratively bumping into each other. It was waitstaff overload for the first 30 minutes and it was uncoordinated. After we ordered, the pace was less hectic, more relaxed and what we expected. The room is fairly small and has a circus feel to it. The staff is all male, and formal. Reminded me of a very formal, old boys steakhouse sort of feel. Did not complement the atmosphere and decor.
Overall, glad we went. Would not go back given the other Vegas options and probably would not recommend.

Summary - Love CUT, Like Le Cirque.
Thanks again for all the previous comments.

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  1. Too bad about your experience at Le Cirque.

    The times we've gone the service has been quite friendly. I agree there was a bit of that old boy feel from the sommelier but the rest of the staff were great.
    There's also at least one female assistant server. I only mention her because she was very friendly and personable.

    1. What desserts did you have at Le Cirque? I'm returning to LV this spring, and will definitely be returning to Le Cirque.

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      1. re: ellenost

        Oops, forgot an important detail. We shared the raspberry milkshake and the poached strawberry. I believe they are the first two items on the menu. Delicious. Spectacularly delicious.

        1. re: ralph4496

          Thanks! I had an excellent souffle last year at Le Cirque, but I'll have to try one of your desserts on my next visit.

          1. re: ellenost

            Give it a shot. Hope you are as impressed as us, although I do not think you can go wrong on any of those choices.