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Nov 5, 2012 11:54 AM

postpone trip, need help with changes

Hello All, i was suppose to go to NYC last week, but due to sandy, had to cancel everything, i had an amazing dinning itinerary (EMP, bernardain, Atera, corton)
and i had to chancge my trip for the thanksgiving weekend (22 to 26), i know it is a veru full weekend, plus not all the restaurants are open, so my questions is
where do you recomend me to go for thanksgiving day to eat (keeping the same type of restaurants) that its open
and on such a short time where do you think i might get a big table (6) for those dates (i got EMP allready and bernardain is full, the rest wont open until tomorrow, but im not keeping my hopes to high)

we have been to NYc many times and been to many of the top places im looking for the newer ones, hopefully you can help me out

thanks to all

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