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Jarred Pickled Peaches in NYC???

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Calling all NYC Southerners!!!

Anyone know where to buy jarred Pickled Peaches in NYC?? Yes, I know I can make them, but the point is to "replicate" a childhood Thanksgiving and the attendant problem (for a then 9yr old) to slice a whole one on a full plate without shooting it across the table.

Yes, I'm doing a "time-travel" T'giving...Pepperidge Farm, Cream o' Chick in everything... FFried Onions...Sweet Potatoes (2 ways, on the dinner plate and dessert [is there a difference?? lol]) kinda thing...very 1968 "gore-may" (canned oysters..plus oyster crackers in our oyster pie!) as we knew it.

Thank ye kindly,


P.S. - I'm "surprising" my Southern friends with this menu...hence, jarred vs. made.

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  1. P.P.S - Yes, I use "Chung King Sliced Water Chestnuts" in the green bean casserole for added "gore-may" crunch...FANCY!!!

    1. Try Kalustyans... Lex and 28th. They have everything.