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Best Breafast Sausage

Doe anyone have a good rec for fresh breakfast sausage with classic seasonings? I'd really prefer something with pastured or sustainable meat production and made in house. All of the versions I've tried thus far with sustainable production have been pretty dreadful. I am not interesting super processed lor made with terrible ingredients ike Farmer John. Mr. JudiAU regularly makes sausage but the breakfast sausage is always off.

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  1. I don't know if they make them in house or buy them from a local butcher but the breakfast wild game meat sausages ( including duck with jalapeno, pheasant, and wild boar with cranberry ) served at Saddle Peak Lodge's Sunday brunch are the best breakfast sausages I've ever had. A bargain on their brunch menu $10 for a trio of large sausages.

    1. Huntington Meats at the Original Farmers Market at 3rd & Fairfax makes their own fresh breakfast sausage and dozens of others.

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        Highly recommend Huntington Meats, Jim & Dan will take good care of you. They supply Pit Fire Pizza, 26 Beach Restaurant and many other great places. Try their hot dogs & andouille sausage, excellent!

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          Disagree - BF has many other qualities but their sausages and we have tried most of them are not their best effort. Same for Whole Foods.

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            I do agree with you about the Whole Food sausages.

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              I tried their (BF's) breakfast sausages and found them tasteless. Pavilions had better but too much rosemarry taste.

        2. SinBaLa

          Made in-house daily.

          Not from sustainable sources but as good as they taste even if they were those sources wouldn't be sustainable for long.

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              Sweet mostly, although there are few savory options.

          1. I ADORE the breakfast sausages made by the Meat Science Program at Cal Poly pomona. Classic size (not HUGE) and great seasoning (Plenty of fennel, which I love!). They cook GREAT in the oven too (Nice and juicy and crisp!). Plus, you and the kids can make a trip to the pig lot, see the living conditions for yourself and ask the student caretakers all sorts of questions (They are happy to answer!)

            They sell the frozen by the lb bundles (About 15 mini links) for a great price. Just call before you make the trek, they don't make a ton and these and their STELLAR Chorizo sells out quick.


            1. Lindy & Grundy in mid-city make many flavored sausages in house, from their local sources of poultry, game, pigs, lamb & ducks. I would be very shocked if their sources are not sustainably farmed, considering the prices of their products. We loved the kimchi sausages and the chorizo. I believe they make a breakfast sausage flavors as well.

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                Interesting. I don't ever recall seeing breakfast sausage there.

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                  Well, I would call & ask before making the trip.

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                    I had an odd experience at Lindy and Grundy. Got the distinct impression they're too cool for school. Stopped in for the first time for some ground pork. Was told they only have ground pork on Fridays, and it has to be called in as a special request. No explanation, no apologies. Blank stare, awkward silence. So I went to Marconds's at farmers market and they ground some fresh for me, as they always do, and mapo tofu night was saved.

                    I left Lindy and Grundys with the distinct feeling that they didn't care for my business, Very strange experience- I will not be back.

                    Mr Taster

                2. Not local and not sure about their farming practices, but Father's Country Hams from Kentucky has been in business since 1840 and makes amazing breakfast sausage. During the holidays they also offer their Holiday Pig Country Sausage which is more highly seasoned than the regular country sausage. All of their breakfast sausage is hickory smoked in a cloth bag and is delicious. Checkout their website at www.fatherscountryhams.com. I think Mr. JudiAU will love it.

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                    If we're talking mail order, how about Nueske's in Wisconsin? I was there this past summer and they had fantastic offerings. Just got their catalog and believe I saw breakfast (as well as other) sausages there. Prices seemed to me very reasonable, as well. http://www.nueskes.com/ham-and-bacon-...

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                      Nueske's makes great stuff. I particularly like their ham steak and bacon, both of which are available at Gelsons and both of which will make my kids hit each other if they feel threatened. Never had their sausage.

                      Sadly, conventional pigs.

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                        I'm not seeing any breakfast sausage offered by itself on the Nueske's website, but only as part of a bundle or two. I also have to say that smoked links aren't what I think of as breakfast sausage, though I can't speak for the OP of course. My own favorite pig-centric source is another Kentucky firm, Broadbent's. They have smoked bulk sausage in those two-pound cloth bags; I prefer the more lightly smoked version. Of course their pigs are also the standard model …

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                          Will....I agree, Broadbent's country sausage is very good. I've ordered bulk sausage many times from Broadbent's and Father's Country Ham's and have never been disappointed. I haven't found anything comparable in So. Cal.