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Nov 5, 2012 11:21 AM

Buddhist Temple of America, Ontario

[ NOT a religion thread. ]

For those not in touch with the Thai temple(s) food vendor situ: much like every contingency of ethnic emigre, the Thais are moving to the burbs. In the last decade, temples have risen further to the east. Azusa and Ontario are the 2 newer/cleaner suburban Thai temples in LA (ish) and have left the NoHo temple in the dust. The corruption at the NoHo location apparently made everyone rather jaded, but that's a whole 'nother subject on a different board.

From this weekend's report, Ontario (Wat Bhuridattavanaram) recently has had fried chicken, noodle soups, fried bananas (no somtam), and I somehow also ended up with random truffle-sized banana bread. It's fascinating how the Thai culture has co-opted the foods of America into their own diet. They like sweets (cupcakes, etc.) just as much as the next SE Asians, but they mock the fat-ass American portions.

Would love to hear other Chow reports on either the Azusa or the Ontario temples.

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  1. Hi Tony: thanks so much for the info! Can you please provide the days/times of the food vendors? THANKS!

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      These are not food "vendors" per se.

      Parishioners bring foods for the monks. After the monks take their meals, the visitors get to eat. Donation suggested. This all takes place a bit before noon every day. On weekends, there is more food because.. well.. there are more visitors. The wat's website is here:

      And you can see the schedule: 10:00 AM Morning Service and Meal

      If you've never had home made Thai food, this is the chance to do a little meditation, finished by some simple noodle soups, backyard fruits (it's persimmon season), etc.

    2. Damn that is far but does sound drive worthy.