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Nov 5, 2012 11:02 AM

Grocery Shopping Chelsea in Sandy Aftermath

Any feedback on Chelsea area grocery stores? I'm hesitant in shopping for protein, veggies, fruit, other perishable foods. Are stores receiving deliveries? (How could they while gas is in short supply?)

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  1. After going to several markets below 23rd on both the east and west side, Whole Foods at Union Square was the only one that seemed fully stocked with fresh veggies, dairy and meat/fish this weekend. I think starting today most markets should have a fresh supply.

    1. The Union Sq Whole Foods was open on Thursday, the rest of the stores followed shortly thereafter, they were all running on generators before the power came back. We grabbed some dry ice from ConEd late on Thursday and bought some groceries at Whole Foods right after! Felt like a miracle.

      I've been to the Union Sq twice as well as the Bowery one, and yes they ARE getting deliveries of eggs, milk, and meat. Eggs seemed to be OK, milk was going pretty fast.Not all shelves are fully stocked, yet, though, and they have mentioned some temporary shortages of certain items.

      If you want something specific, you can ask on Twitter:

      1. I'd think that for fruits and vegetables you could see right away if they're in good shape or not. Also, I think most places would be honest if you asked, for instance, when their milk was delivered.