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Nov 5, 2012 11:00 AM

Where can I get Andouille sausage in Hamilton?

I just got back from New Orleans and I'm dying for some more gumbo. Does anybody know where I can find Andouille sausage? I think the South African butcher in Oakville makes it but I'd rather find it closer to Hamilton.

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  1. I haven't seen any Andouille sausage here (Hamilton), but will keep my eyes & ears open. Please let us know if you find some.

    1. Check your Real Canadian Superstore.
      I used the PC Andouille Sausage in a Paella.

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      1. re: ultrablue

        Found them at Cumbraes in Dundas, in the freezer.
        The PC ones look fresh (not smoked) in the picture. Are they?

        1. re: HammerLo

          They were fresh and nicely spiced.Fine for a Jambalaya.
          Pork, water, sea salt, seasonings, toasted wheat crumbs, dehydrated parsley, smoke flavour, garlic extract. In hog natural casing.

          1. re: HammerLo

            Good to know - I love Cumbrae's.
            Thanks for posting.

            1. re: hungryjoanne

              I know, me too. I went in there for the andouille and came out with two huge ribeyes and some niagara guanciale as well.

        2. I would try Starsky's in the east end (Queenston Road). They have a huge selection of sausage. I think Andouille is originally and/or comparable to German smoked pork sausage???? Starsky's will surely have it.

          1. I just bought some at Mustard Seed Coop (Locke and York). I just found this because I had no idea what an Andouille sausage was.