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Nov 5, 2012 10:21 AM

Bought a 5 lb pork sirloin when I really wanted a pork shoulder

I was going to make pernil, but I grabbed the wrong package and don't want to take it back. (Note to Boston area people: I bought it at Market Basket in Burlington, where shopping is like preparing for the Apocalypse)

Can I get that pernil flavor with my roast? I'm thinking of cutting slits into it and seasoning it with oregano, garlic, pepper, salt and a little vinegar, then letting it sit overnight in the fridge before cooking in the crockpot tomorrow. I know I need a moist cooking method since this cut isn't as fatty as pork shoulder. I don't mind not having the crispy fat--I just want that salty, garlicky flavor. Any tips?

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  1. . I know I need a moist cooking method since this cut isn't as fatty as pork shoulder.

    I would disagree. I would roast low and slow 250* or less in the oven....not in a crockpot as my first choice.

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      Thank you! How long for a 5 lb roast? 20 min/lb or longer, since the temp is so low? I don't love my crockpot so would prefer another method as long as it won't dry it out.

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        my usual preference is to roast at 225^....and for a 5 pound roast I would expect 2.5-3.0 hours total time, including a 30 minute resting period. Depending on what temperature you will be using, i.e., 200-250*, I would start checking the temperature of the roast at the 1 3/4- 2 hour mark if you do not use a digital temperature probe.. I like my pork cooked to 140-145*...if you like your pork cooked more thoroughly, you could go up to 155* with a carryover to 160*. This cut of meat does not need to cooked as high as fresh ham or picnic shoulder. I tend to roast my meat separately from any vegetable, but some recipes call for adding vegetables with wine , stock or water...if you like to use it for gravy.

        I'm assuming your roast is boneless....please note it it has a bone, or is rolled, then it will require slightly more additional time to finish. Have a look at the following link for basic instructions.......

        inally, When I roast low and slow, I do not cover the meat.

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          Here's a video that should be required viewing for anyone who likes pork. If you go to the 5:15 mark, you will see where the Sirloin portion of the pig comes from the loin end and the butcher explains some ways to prepare from roasting, steaks or cutlets.

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            That was interesting, thanks for the link!