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Nov 5, 2012 10:18 AM

OFFICE CHRISTMAS PARTY FOR 28 -need a private room with large table

hi everyone-

i have to book the office christmas party for 28 people- we had it last year at the harbour centre's revolving restaurant- the staff loved it as no one had ever been up there- view great- something different and food was actually very decent-

our boss wants to go to a restaurant that has a private room this year, however, so that all 28 can interact- last year it was split between 2 tables- so 1/2 of the group didn't visit at all with the other 1/2-

any ideas would be great- thanks much-

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    1. I like Hamilton Street Grill for a mid-sized private dining room.
      But a way to switch up the 2-table challenge is to suggest that 1/2 of each table switch between courses.. only if there is a set menu, of course ;p

      1. 28 people at one table may not be more conducive to increased interaction. You'll likely just chat to the people sitting on either side of you. Seasons in the Park has private rooms to accommodate different group sizes. We had a team Christmas party there a few years back for approx. 30 people in our own private room spread over 3 tables. The room was large so everyone moved about freely before, during and after the meal. And the food was really good (set-menu).

        1. We are having our Christmas party at Wildebeest this year. They have a wine room downstairs that fits your criteria. Very reasonably priced as well.

          1. Many if not all of the glowbal group restaurants can accomdate large groups. Both gotham and hys steakhouse have private rooms (gotham having multiple) and reasonable set menus. If not try the banquet room of hotels or even something like kirin or sun sui wah for something different?

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              Fleuri restaurant at Sutton Place has several private dining rooms including a large one that can be set up with one single long table and room for walking around. If you have the event at the end of the week, the chocolate buffet could be the draw...