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Nov 5, 2012 10:07 AM

Cafe 44 - Princeton, NJ

Cafe 44 opened March 2012 in the old Tortuga's location (44 Leigh Ave).

We love Cafe 44 for their hearty breakfast served throughout the day (open Tues - Sun, 7:30am - 3pm) and have made them our go to for weekend breakfasts. They also serve lunch and may be adding dinners.

The space has a very relaxed vibe and super friendly staff. It's always a pleasure to dine here or just grab a cup of coffee and sink into one of the comfortable couches in the side room.

What stands out the most at Cafe 44 is the high quality and generous portions. The omelette's are excellent. Home fries are made in house using red skin potatoes. Fruit cup is made using what's fresh and local. Coffee is roasted on site and I prefer Cafe 44's to those other guys further up Witherspoon! In addition to the excellent omelette's, we're looking forward to trying the challah french toast and more.

A couple of notes for first timers... it's a 10 minute walk from Palmer Sq or park on street in the primarily residential neighborhood, place your order at the counter upon entering, pay at the time of ordering, grab a table and your meal will be served to you.

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  1. I went to Cafe 44 for the first time last Thursday. We didn't have power and were looking for a place to eat. We decided to Yelp it and found that the reviewers liked it alot. They were one of a few places that were open for business. I find their omelettes to be a bit on the pricey side. It's $9 for the Spinach and Mushroom Omelette but it was good. Service was very friendly and the best thing of all was free wifi!!!!! Finally got power after 7 days!!!! Makes me appreciate the little things in life! :)

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      We were back there Thurs morning as well, for the same reason! : )

      Their omelettes range from $7 - 10(+) depending on if you build your own. We too thought they were a bit pricey until we saw the portion size and the made from scratch, natural ingredients (no frozen taters, no syrupy canned fruit cup, large glasses of juice, etc). No seconds thoughts now on the price - and so much better that the other breakfast spots in town!

    2. Update...

      Café 44 has moved across the street into the same building as Tortuga's at 41 Leigh Ave. They also have their own parking lot behind the building.

      Still serving the BEST breakfast and the BEST coffee in town!

      With the move, they have a lot more seating capacity and you now order at your table (full service).

      It's worth a visit if you're in Princeton looking for breakfast or lunch.