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Nov 5, 2012 10:05 AM

Dinner near Brooklyn College


I'm attending a conference at Brooklyn College late this week and all my dinner plans are shot since they were in Manhattan. What Brooklyn areas should I be looking at with the public transportation available? I'm coming up from Miami, so I'm starved for quality Asian food.


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  1. There's a small Chinatown on Avenue U between Ocean and Coney Island Avenues. A 10 minute drive or short train ride from Brooklyn College.

    1. The subway from Brooklyn College (Flatbush Avenue Station) is up and running all the way to the North Bronx, probably with delays, but if it's like other restored lines, the service is actually pretty good if not perfect.

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        On the Ocean Ave side of campus is the Avenue H station of the Q train. You can take it to Avenue U for the nearby Chinatown or to Canal Street (40 minutes) to the Manhattan Chinatown.

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          Oh, I didn't realize Manhattan's chinatown had its power back and the subway to it was running. Thanks!

      2. Some innovative Asian/Filipino at Purple Yam on Cortelyou Rd.

        Also solid: Farm-On-Adderley for fresh, down-to-earth American, especially if red-meat is not your thing.

        Many more posts here about both.

        "B" or "Q" to Cortelyou can actually walk it from B.C. If you do, try a quick appetizer - a slice of "grandma" pizza at LoDuca in the Newkirk Plaza.

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          Also on Cortelyou Road right at the entrance to the subway is Top Café Tibet, a small Tibetan restaurant. (Cortelyou Road is just two stops north of BC on the Q train).