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Nov 5, 2012 09:45 AM

where to buy white truffles in london and paris

I have purchased white truffles from maison de paris but there might be some other place that i dont know about that might not be so costly.
any ideas?
i saw an old thread but never know what's obsolete so thanks for any of your help.

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  1. I believe I used last Christmas, and was pleased with the service, but, as it was my first time buying them I don't really have a sense of whether I got a good price. I think, provided you do a bit of research, you'll find that the non luxury sellers probably charge fairly similar amounts. I can't see there being stock of legitimate bargain truffles in a world where they're so easily traded to their highest value users.

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      thank you for your reply. just bought a gorgeous white truffle at the mushroom seller at borough was delicious and really fresh.

    2. This has been a particularly poor year for white truffles from Piedmont – (due apparently to an unusually dry summer, followed by an Indian summer). The truffle season started late and anything of decent quality seems pricey compared to last year. The first snows have just fallen in the area – (very, very early) – but I don't know how this might affect the yield and quality.

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