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Nov 5, 2012 09:34 AM

Favorite Happy Hour Food Specials in Boston?

Since Mass doesn't have a real (alcoholic) happy hour, it seems like most bars discount food. I've been to Whiskeys quite a few times for their $0.20 wings, which are decent. Can we get a list going of some good "Happy Hour" food deals in Boston?

I've found some older threads on the subject, but most deals seem outdated - I made the mistake of ordering a few dozen oyster, which turned out to be $2.75 each instead of $1!!!

Here's my list:

$0.20 Wings, Sun-Thurs, 11am-11:30pm

$9 AYCE Wings, Mondays (from


Pour House:
1/2 Price Burgers, Saturday, 6-10pm

Turner Fisheries:
$1 Oysters, Friday, 5-10pm

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  1. Not your average joe's discounts their appetizers by 50% from 3 pm to 6 pm...every day at the Medford location at Wellington station..some other locations may be just Mon - Fri. Ordinarily I wouldn't go there but we are short of $$$ these days and the ahi tuna wontons are actually quite good.

    1. Cafe Marliave does $1 oysters and clams for happy hour. They had Island Creeks last time I was there. Fresh and well shucked.

      Morton's has a good happy hour..oysters, sandwiches, etc

      McCormick & Schmick's has gotten some good mentions on this board. I haven't been.

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        morton's doesn't discount oysters, but mini-burgers and filet sandwiches and other stuff, yes.

      2. Area Four has a $1 oyster special, but I'm not sure on dates/times

        1. All Asia on Mass Ave near Central has 25cent pork or veggie dumplings M-F 4-7. They aren't bad.
          Asgard has 25cent wings on Monday 5-?, again, not bad at all
          The Hill Tavern has 1/2 price Apps happy hour not sure of time

          1. there's an app for that...
            it's called "grubby boston", i think its only for android phones right now, but it has a huge list of happy hour deals. they also have a facebook page where the post deals:
            seems wing and oysters-heavy

            also if you follow @bostontweet on twitter, he sometimes tweets happy hour specials, events, etc.
            my personal favorite is marliave's $1 oysters, they also have great cocktails

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            1. re: flintea

              Downloaded this, great app!!! Thanks! There's a free version that limits the amount of deals it shows but I shelled out $0.99 for the 'full' version, I figure that's just a (cheap) oyster. Strange there is no iPhone version yet.
              Note - it only has Boston/Cambridge bars/restaurants, not suburbs. I'll post some of the deals from this app when I get off work today.