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Nov 5, 2012 09:32 AM

Le Bernadin Tasting Menu Substitutions

I'm going to dinner at Le Bernadin in a few weeks and want to get one of the tasting menus. The one thing that throws me off is that I am not a fan of any of the dessert offerings on either menu and really want to try the Hazelnut-Marshmellow and Banana desserts. So much so I'm tempted to instead get the prix fixe so my dining companion and I can order each of those and share.

I certainly do not want to miss out on the experience by skipping getting one of the tasting menus, but really do not like the dessert options on those menus/want to try the desserts mentioned above. Would it be a total offense to the flow of the meal to ask them to swap out the desserts for the two I want? Thoughts?

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  1. I don't think it would be a problem requesting a dessert substitution.

    You could fake an allergy to the tasting menu desserts :-)

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    1. re: Riverman500

      Haha, I was thinking of saying I am allergic to peanuts (in one of the desserts) but then it's a bit funny to then ask for a substitution with hazelnuts!

      1. re: Riverman500

        I'm sure you were kidding about this, but people with food allergies have such problems being taken seriously that I feel compelled to say that faking an allergy to a food item you merely dislike does people with real allergies a big disservice.

        I'm sorry to sound schoolmarmish. I just have a friend with a very serious food aversion disease and, until recently, it was hard for her to get restaurants to listen to her. (Now it's much easier. But people shouldn't ruin it.)

        PSA over. Sorry again.

      2. Ask for exactly what you want unless you want to gamble. They could substitute something different for you because you're beating around the bush. Just be exuberant about the banana thing and I'm sure they will accomodate you. They aim to please there.